Quotes and sayings


:heart: Quotes that are powerful and confronting but so inspirational at the same time!





I made my own three quotes so DON COPY THEM

  1. dear love,
    You are amazing. when someone feels love, it an unexplainable feeling. But you come with some issues- broken hearts

  2. We had a connection.
    We loved each other.
    We touched.
    You told me I was beautiful.
    But you betrayed me,
    And all of this happened but we never even dated

  3. dear boys)
    Why do I fall for you. I fall right at your feet. I try not to fall but your so tempting. but how come you are never what you appear to be? I think your this charming kind guy and you just take advantage of me. Either that happens or I love you and you don’t even realize I exist! Why do I even try to get your heart because every time I just cry. It doesn’t make sense!
    You think girls are complicated- Get to know boys, there a whole other level of complicated.