Qwertyu's Coding Shop! [closed]

Hey guys! I have decided to open this shop to help people out so if they don’t want to code out mini games or sequences, I will! Please note that I won’t be coding full chapters, only parts. No credit is needed but if you wish to credit me, please use my Instagram @qwertyu_stories to credit Also pssst, follow me on Instagram.

Please use the Form below to request.


What you want me to do: (Dressing mini game/intro to chapter etc., basic thing you want me to do)
Characters involved: (please put the names that you use in the coding and their actual names)
Outfit names(if necessary):
Background name:
Details: (tell me anything else you want, for example if it’s an intro, please tell me what you want me to include like chapter number, splashes (I won’t make them, but if you have one already made, tell me the background name for it)

Extra stuff:

  1. I will try and get it done as soon as possible after you make the request, but please be patient.
  2. If you have missed out on any details that I then need, I will ask you for them.
  3. I can deny any request if I am unable to do it or for any other reason, but I will attempt to complete all requests.
  4. After it is completed, if something does not work or if you want it changed, please ask and I will change it for you when possible.

Waiting list:


Hello! Are you still coding templates? If so, I’d like two minigames :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I don’t have all the overlays together for the 1st minigame but I do have stuff for the 2nd.

What you want me to do: A fighting minigame.
Characters involved:
Outfit names(if necessary): None

Background name

Details: I’d like to have a fighting game with both characters. You may even use these overlays below if you want :arrow_down:


pv1_back_HEALTH1_4624231523745792_3ae930d34cd367f5607524603b534f9c pv1_back_HEALTH2_5424088249335808_3ae930d34cd367f5607524603b534f9c pv1_back_HEALTH3_5829550979481600_3ae930d34cd367f5607524603b534f9c pv1_back_HEALTH4_6019111642791936_3ae930d34cd367f5607524603b534f9c

There can be at least 4 rounds/choices. There are no weapons so you can use defensive moves (dodge, duck, block, etc.) and offensive moves (kick, punch, slap, jab, etc.). The only thing is no matter what choices the reader makes I want the MC to lose. This is because I’ll have the story continue on another way after the MC loses. What I mean by lose is after the game finishes just let the opponent hit the MC or something and have her fall/faint.

You can design the game however you like as long as the MC knows when to dodge or strike.

Deadline(optional): None

Super sorry but I’m going to have to close this, I suddenly got super busy with the beginning of school again, also sorry for being unable to say until now but I couldn’t get online.

No problem. I’ll ask and see if someone else can do it :wink:

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