R.I.P. Episode and Author Stories

As most of you may know October 10th is when Episode is gonna remove some stories who have not “passed the guidelines” are gonna get removed (not deleted just removed from the shelves) from the portal. So many authors have spent so much time on their stories to, I would like to say thank you to all the authors who made Episode worth reading for me :heart:



I thought they would just get taken off the ranks, and that they could still be worked on. Not removed from the portal, where did you get this information?


Opps lemme change that :skull:

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Not deleted. lol

On October 10th, if your story has not passed a review, it will not appear in trending sections or on shelves. As more stories are reviewed and pass, they will appear. Your stories will still be available on the app through your profile and in search.

If you’ve already submitted your story for review, and haven’t heard from our review team yet, hold tight! They’re currently working through your stories and will reach out if there are any changes to make.


As the others have said. they will only be removed from the ranks until Episode has checked them. But also we’ve all had a month to change and adapt what was needed to, sooo… if any of your fave authors’ stories do get removed, well… they had time to change them :grimacing:


but what if they didn’t had the time to change them because of personal stuff they have to do, I guess. Tbh, I don’t even know If they are going to be delete…at least just achieve them so they could make changes. :thinking:


It’s just getting removed from the ranks. After that, it will go back to be how violations were dealt with before where Episode gives you 72 hours (I believe) to amend whatever violates guidelines… Which is a lot less than a month :woman_shrugging:


Honestly I think people are freaking out way too much over this. It’s not like more than half of Episode community stories will be deleted. The authors get the chance to change some things on their own stories (like remove s*x scenes, excessive violence, sexual content without consent, etc).

Tbh, I like the guidelines more now. It seems like they will be taken more seriously now since literally 95% of the guidelines have been there but many just refused to follow them so this happens! So, I think people really need to relax about it because it’s not the end for all of the good Episode stories. :slight_smile:


Writers can temporarily archive their stories themselves actually! If you click on the little top right icon of your avatar and then go to story settings, you’ll see this.

And everyone responding is right in that stories will not be deleted without warning:


I want to be super clear, stories that have not passed review will NOT be deleted from the portal. If your story hasn’t passed review yet, it may not show up on the trending section or any shelves, but it will still be accessible in the app via search and the author’s profile.


I think this entire thing (not saying here, but really on instagram) has just spiraled out of control. In all actuality it’s really just effecting the stories in trending and on shelves who haven’t passed the review/made changes/been told what to change. Those of us not on the trending/shelves shouldn’t be effected (I think?). If a story is in trending and that author has done what they can to get it reviewed/changes made they should be in the all clear.
But also, everyone has had a month. I get people have lives, jobs, kids, whatever, but a month is still a significant amount of time, and way longer than I’m pretty sure authors usually get. Everyone just needs to take a breath. :v::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grin:


thanks Liz


So they’re gonna have to review every story on the app or what? :joy:

I guess so :woman_shrugging:t4: they have over 1,000 stories to

The latest estimate i can find is 84,000, this will take quite a while

lol edit: it’s actually over 100,000

Feels like we’re in a weird place where episode rules over us and every so often if we dont follow the guidelines we get the cut.

But it’s a big problem giving authors a month to get covers sometimes whole stories to be rewritten. Maybe like two months even.

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@writingspirit posted an alternative for people who do need more time here: R.I.P. Episode and Author Stories


I think they’re just worrying about reviewing the stories in the trending and the shelves for now. If a story makes it into trending or on a shelf then it should be getting reviewed. Though, if you request a review you’re supposed to get one.

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Hmmm i think they’ll only review unpopular story unless they’re submitted for review like you said or maybe reported

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