R.Khan’s Edit Shop 🌌 [CLOSED (Temporarily)] (0/0 slots)

Yoohoo! I decided to open a shop. I haven’t been doing edits for long, but I do enjoy making them!


In order of oldest to newest!

check the newest finished requests for examples too!


  • If I reply with “Accepted!”-- It means I will be making your request . If I haven’t replied, it’s not being made.

  • If I reply with “Denied.”-- Then it’s y’know… denied.

  • Don’t rush me. Edits will take about 1-3 days max. It’s not that long, you can wait lol.

  • I am allowed to deny your request without a reason.

  • Credit and follow my IG: @epi.rkhan (im shameless :black_heart:)

  • One edit per slot.

  • Two is the MAXIMUM amount of characters allowed in an edit.

  • References should be reasonable. I do not draw limbs.

  • Don’t fill in a form if my slots are full, ask to be tagged when slots are open.

I’d prefer if you kept the form organized.


Put N/A if it doesn’t apply.

Request: (Pose Edit or Character Details)

Character Details:


Preferred Size (Square, (640x1136), etc.):

Preferred BG:

Special Info:




  • Carabelle

Your examples are beautiful. Is it possible to have 2 characters in the same edit please? If not, could I request just the female character then?

Request: Pose Edit

Character Details:
female generic body
skin: gold 02
brow: straight medium, black dark
hair: messy sock bun, black dark
eyes: sharp almond, brown black
face: diamond
nose: round button
lips: small heart, rose light nude matte

male athletic body
skin: neutral 02
brow: straight medium, light brown
hair: medium waves natural, light brown
eyes: deepset downturned lidded, blue deep
face: square defined
nose: straight narrow
lips: full lower lip sharp, rose light nude matte

male outfit: Casual Suit Top Linen Grey Black, Skinny Slacks Cotton Grey Black

female outfit: Padded Moto Jacket Leather Black, Sleeveless Turtleneck Neutral Black, Silver Cuff Leggings Spandex Grey Black

female pose (you can cut it off somewhere near the torso or upper thighs–which ever ends up looking more natural to you):
girl pose (2)

male pose: (male looking slightly down at the female character)

Preferred Size (Square, (640x1136), etc.): at least 966 x 642 please, so a rectangle. I’m planning on using the edit as a large or small cover for my story.

Preferred BG:

Special Info: I would like to have the female on the left side (looking angry), looking up the male on the right side. The male looks neutral/calm. Can you add some subtle blush to both characters please?

**I also would like some space at the bottom of the edit for text. **


*Request: Pose Edit

Character Details:


*Preferred Size :Square

Preferred BG:

thankyou so much for this… have a great day/night darling

Yor examples are very beautiful!! :heart_eyes::purple_heart:

Request: (Pose Edit or Character Detaits)
Post edit.
Character Details:
My character details-
Skin tone - Light
Brow - Defined natural
Hair - Long straight hair color - black
Eye - Upturned feline color - Toffee
Face - Oval
Nose - upturned
Lips - Full round Color - Terracotta

Preferred Size (Square, (640x1136), etc.):
Preferred BG:

Special Info:
Like this-

Leave some space at the top.

Do you have any specific aesthetic that you’re trying to go for? Feel free to reply with an example (or just in words!)

I didn’t put it in the rules before, but one edit at a time please! Edit your post to the one you’d prefer to be done. Thank you!

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Thank you! :two_hearts:

It’s hard to say. Maybe I can give some context? :sweat_smile: The characters are from my rom-com story, and they’re both illegal agents trying to steal a painting. It’s an enemies to lovers trope, so I would like to convey that back-and-forth teasing vibe in the edit.

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I will get it done by tomorrow!

Okay! Np

thankyou so much hun

Hi, I would also like a character details of the same details that I put, If you can if not only fine with the edit, but if you can do it you can do it your way hehe.:heartpulse:

Pose Edit
Character Details:

Body: Female Athletic Body (Gold 02)
Brow Arched Thick Styled (Deep Brown)
Hair: Long Feathered (Platinum White)
Eyes: Deepset Almond (Hazel Dark)
Face: Square Defined.
Nose: Round Button.
Lips: Full Round Pouty (Pink Peach Medium Matte)


Preferred Size:

1878×2347 (If you could)

Preferred BG:

Special Info:

Extras of my character details and outfit

Thank you and have a nice day/afternoon/night.:butterfly:

I don’t know if it’s too late for this haha ​​but I just saw that I didn’t put the outfit on you so it’s in special information. If you already did my edit it’s fine like this.:sweat_smile:

Edit request

Request: (Pose Edit or Character Details)
For a pose edit
Character Details:


Pose like this with a smirk on her face
Preferred Size (Square, (640x1136), etc.):
640x1136 - for a splash but I can do the writing

Preferred BG:

Special Info:
Dark lighting please

Thank you so much for reading! :blob_hearts:

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Your poses are really cute


Request: (Pose Edit or Character Details)

Character Details:

Female Generic Body-gold 06
Arched Natural Scar-black dark
Long Updo Wavy Princess Braid-black dark
Delicate Almond Falsies -brown black
Diamond Face
Round Button Upturned nose
Full Round Pouty- copper medium matte
here is the outfit:


(I want something just like this you did with with the phone lighter ect. if thats fine)

Preferred Size (Square, (640x1136), etc.): I wanna be able to make a character card with the pose so could you make her not as big or not in the center

Preferred BG:

Request: (Pose Edit or Character Details): Pose <3

Character Details:
Female Athletic Body //Rose 06
Long Curl Half Updo // Black Dark
Arched Thin // Black Dark
Deepset Downturned// Ice Blue
Defined Neutral
Full Round Flat Top Skin // Plum Matte



Just the leaning against a wall with episode’s green beer bottle

Preferred Size: 640x1136

Preferred BG:


She is leaning against the right wall

Thin Silver Hoop Earring
Belted Ripped Shorts Denim Black
Multi Belted Long Sleeve Shirt Cotton Grey Black
Chunky Heel Thigh High Boots Suede Complex Color (Grey Black)

Side note: you’re super talented, and idk if there are slots open if someone commented before me but I thought i’d give it a shot, totally understand if not.

I followed you, my insta is episode.kinsley


Don’t forget to credit and follow my IG! Pm me if you’d like any changes.


It will be done either later today or tomorrow.

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Will be done most likely tomorrow or the day after, but it could be done today. Keep an eye out! :milky_way:

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Thank you, take your time.:blush: