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Hellooooo ppl. So I decided that instead of releasing my first story (which is pretty much done) I’m going to put that off and release my first story as an R&R entry (different from the one I’ve almost finished). I just wanted to know how people feel about the early 1900’s period because that’s when it takes place. This was when segregation, racism, sexism, etc. were very prominent everywhere and I was wondering if I should leave that bit out and make the story more fictional in that way? At the same time these subjects are very important to talk and learn about, I’m just unsure if I should talk about any of those things very much, because it could be a sensitive topic. The summary of what it’s going to be about is sort like the story of bonnie and clyde, just less gory. Basically the MC takes the risk of running away from her unhappy life to go to America with a guy who offered to help her rebuild her life there. In exchange she utilizes her cunning perception and stealth skills to help him steal from people, and since this was during the great depression, she makes sure to give back to the less fortunate. They’re criminals, but not killers like bonnie and clyde if that makes sense. I’m still working out the rest of the plot, but that’s the basic synopsis of the what it’s going to look like. Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear feedback <3

uhm, from what it sounds like your story mainly focuses on this “bonnie and clyde” duo.

i would say that if those things are worrying you (especially with episode guidelines), then just make the scenes focused on the issues surrounding the mc and them running around with all of these struggles. if you want to make it more fictional, that’s totally your choice. but all in all, hinting at the racism going on during this time won’t be very harmful because it’s the truth. this happened, and we’re taught in school about these subjects. talking about race, isn’t racist. silence is more harmful in any case, but this is a story.

if for whatever reason you decide to embark on a path where there are some triggering scenes (that still fit in with episode’s guidelines), then give some warning beforehand so anyone affected by that content can choose to skip it completely.

again, it’s your choice but you shouldn’t have any problems including the past/truth🥰

edit; oh, and hi again! my gemma appreciation thread was taken down🥺

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thank you for your input! that’s what I was going for because I wanted to make sure it fits the timeline, but isn’t triggering, so it will be in the story, just not extreme, because that’s probably not necessary. there will definitely be a disclaimer at the beginning of each chapter on how the story is based on the actual times, which could be a little triggering to some. thank u for responding!

and hi! whoever took it down was definitely an anti… or probably simon cowell lmao

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nah, it was flagged as spam, and then i edited it and it got flagged for being offensive. i guess it was harry styles "promotion":sob:

but yeah, i’m sure that you’ll do great. all things that could potentially be a trigger should have some warning just in case (if they’re offensive or brutal).

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definitely won’t get into any brutal types of things that went on back then, just probably a few comments here and there to make it more realistic but not going too far, but i’ll make sure karma gets the ppl who make rude comments >.<

agh harry styles should be promoted thru the ozone layer yall can’t silence the harries lmao

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you can promote harry here, i think😬
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yeah, a few comments definitely will be fine. i’ve read stories with some actual bullying and i think they’re still up🤷🏻‍♀️

oh, and if you need a proofreader (for grammar and spelling mistakes only, i suck at everything else) i’m down💛

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omg that would be awesome cuz i do all my proofreading and everything myself >_<
I’ll let u know when the first chapter is done so u can read thru it and tell me what u think :slight_smile:
in the meantime I can also send u the first two episodes of my other story sometime (i just need to finish ch. 3 after im done with my R&R entry)

brb omw to promote harry

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