R&R reading list - maximum reads for your story

If you have participated in R&R, we @episparkles group would like to help you all to get maximum reads. We will do reviews, shoutouts and r4r too.
Just enter your Instagram account below so that we can contact you and help you increase your reads.
Also follow our account for all latest updates.

Instagram:- @episparkles


@m.h.c.episode (:

thank u! :blob_hearts:
@mira.mira_on_the.wall <3

@cherii.episode thanks for this!

I don’t have an IG… but I’m making one soon! It’s for story promotion purposes only so I (hopefully) don’t get too addicted lol. I already spend a lot more time on the forums than I spend actually coding… I’ll post my Instagram when I get one (:

No problem, whenever you create one, let us know

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TYSM!!!It really helps :blob_hearts:

Happy to help

Thank you for doing this!


Thank you for this! @emma.writes.episode is my insta

Thank you very much! Mine is @annaw.stories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks you (:
IG: @juliewrites.on.episode (I don’t really use it for anything though)

Thank you!

Thank you! Instagram: @ Sydren_Episode

Thank you for doing this! @ epi_rj :blob_hearts:

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Thank you!

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Thanks all, we will get back you on mar 17th for your story details

Any more stories?

Any more contest stories?

I have messaged you on Instagram

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