"R&R: What If I Fly?" Chapters 1-3 Out Now! (Promote your R&R entries too)

Hello everybodi! My R&R entry is out!
Here’s some info.

Name: "R&R: What If I Fly?"
Author: Me (@/talesbygowri on Instagram)
Genre: Romance
Subgenre: Drama
Love Interest: Yes, 1 Male LI
Choices: Yes
CC: Yes
Description: Luna finds herself amid a war between her mind and her heart when she’s offered a life-changing job in New York, 2400 miles away from her loved ones. Is it worth the risk?
Chapters Completed: 3 (More coming soon)

Small Cover

By @/Frankie Yasmeen on Instagram

Large Cover

Large Cover by lol me :sweat_smile: (@/talesbygowri on Instagram)

Please don’t steal these covers. Pretty please :pleading_face:

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6747519423545344


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