R4R - 1st Chapter Reviews

Hey guys,
I was hoping to do R4R with people but just the 1st chapter. I think the 1st chapter is the most important one, so I think it’s the one people should focus on for reviews.
For me, if I really like a story I’ll keep going past chapter 1. I don’t mean to sound harsh but I think it’ll be more efficient and quicker so we can all be better writers.

  • Tell me if you want your reviews PMd or written here
  • If I have liked your post then I will be doing a R4R

Thank youu!

My story: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Author: MKG
Genre: Romantic Comedy / Slice of Life
Story style: Limelight
Description: Kiara, Willow, Samantha, and Sooyoung are just 4 girls trying to survive high school. Follow them as they grow up and discover first love, pain and what true friendship means.
Episodes: 3 so far
Link http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4612451922411520