💎 R4R and/or Gem for Gem?! [CLOSED!]

Since I have Episode VIP, I’ve been collecting gems [without spending them] for months and have managed to accumulate over 1500 gems.
But I have nowhere to spend them… that’s why I decided to open this thread. :blush:


I’ll spend up to a maximum of 75 gems per story. So feel free to drop your story details, cover and link below or message me on instagram @StoriesByRayna, if you’re interested.
Even if you don’t have gems… if I really like your story I’ll still spend some gems on it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please note: I’ll only do one R4R per person, so please don’t clutter this thread with multiple stories.
I’d also prefer to read at least 4 chapters in a R4R… with the maximum being 7.

My Story Details:

Title: Surrender Your Heart
Summary: When you find yourself falling for the man [or woman] that you’re supposed to kill… will you submit to temptation & surrender your heart?! Or lie & betray until the bitter end?!
You choose!
Story Link: Surrender Your Heart
Cover: It’s only tagged with my username due to me using the full image in this post.

Cover Credit: LexiXArt on Instagram! :heart:

What I'll read:

• Stories with at least some form of CC for the MC [I’d actually read stories with no CC for the MC.] But I prefer CC for the LI. [By that I mean: being able to change his nose shape, face shape, lip shape, eye shape and hairstyle. I don’t care about skin tone and feature colours.]
• Stories with at least one Male LI. [Otherwise I’d prefer no LI at all.]
• Stories written in limelight.
• Male MC with a Male LI.

What I won't read:

• Stories in Ink or Classic.
• Mafia Stories.
• Sci-Fi Stories.
• Stories with only a Female LI. [I’m not into women! :woman_shrugging:t3:]

So please only drop stories that fit within the requirements.

I’ll keep updating this but I won’t tag anyone… because I know that can be annoying!
My R4R list so far:

• Katie [Instagram] :white_check_mark: Complete
• Sunset_Shimmer [Forums] :white_check_mark: Complete
• Rainbow_Lollipop [Forums] :infinity: In Progress
• Nicolle.Stories [Instagram] :white_check_mark: Complete
• Megan12.Episode [Instagram] :white_check_mark: Complete
• Marysol [Forums] :white_check_mark: Complete
• Evilyn [Forums] :white_check_mark: Complete
• JCWhisper.Writes [Forums] :white_check_mark: Complete
• EpisodeHoneyy [Forums] :white_check_mark: Complete


Your story sounds like it’d be a great read! I’d love to do a R4R and G4G with you :wink:
I don’t have nearly as many gems as you do lol. But we can do 4x4 and maybe 8 gems each? Let me know if you wanted to do something different :blush:

Genre: Thriller
# of Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Story Link: Desperation Story Link

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I love a good thriller story, and yours definitely sounds interesting.

4x4 with 8 gems per chapter is perfect. :heart:

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I’m free to start yours now… you can message me whenever you’re ready. :blush:

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Thank you so much for this thread, here’s my first story. I have 5 episode’s let me know how many you want to do, I could also do 5 gems per chapter :blush:

Author name: Marysol.Episode :blob_sun:
Story Genre and style: Romance, Limelight
Episodes: 5 and ongoing :blob_hearts:

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We can do 5 if you’d like?! I’ll read all 5 of yours and you read the first 5 of mine?! And then we can spend 5 gems on each chapter, each?!

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Yes ofc! sounds good I’ll start reading and send ss when done :blush:

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I’m still finishing one at the moment, then I’ll get straight to yours! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: And done! I’ve decided to complete them in the order of whoever’s online at the time.

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I’m up for 7x7!

Story: The Unwanted
Genre: Mystery
Insta: @evilyn.writes
Episodes: 12
Style: Ink

15 years since we’ve been deemed useless and deported to Earth. Now, we reunite to solve the supernatural murders and as past becomes present, our mistakes become fatal…

Advanced directing/ overlays etc.

Link: https://episodeinteractive.com/s/i/5431076573085696

Thanks :hugs:

I don’t usually read ink… but I’m definitely making an exception for this story, because that cover caught my attention and the description sounds really intriguing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: [Plus… it’s mystery, which I love. :blush:]

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Thank you for the thread, I have 12 episodes out and can do a total of 5 or 12 gems

Read Here

Hi! I’m down for a R4R. Let me know if you’re interested :grin:

Title: Without a Trace
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Chapters: 14 (Ongoing)
Description: After her sister vanishes, Talulah sets out on an investigative search with the help of arcane criminology major, Avon. Will their perseverance and wit be enough to find her?
Link: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram: @jcwhisper.writes

Thank you :purple_heart:

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Hi! :wave:t3: Could you please let me know if this story has an option to reject the romance?!

Because I did state:

Are you wanting to do Gem4Gem or R4R?! And how many chapters?! Preferably a minimum of 4 and maximum of 7. :blush:

I’ve got some gems to spare. How about 5 chapters each and 5 gems in total?

Hi! Would love to do a R4R/G4G

Title: Enchanted By You
Genre Romance

Full CC for MC + Name CC & Full Cc for Love interest.
Choices that Matter and Pointsystem

𝗗𝗲𝘀𝗰𝗿𝗶𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻: Miles is a single father who believes his chance at love dies with his wife. Tess is an eccentric optimistic who moved to England to start a new life away from the tragedy of her failed relationship. The two meet by chance and discover that sometimes even at our darkest moments fate will step in and show us the light. Or in this case, show them that love is possible even if first appears as lust…

Link: Episode Writer Portal

X Honey

Thanks!! I’ll send ss soon :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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Perfect. :blush: Let me know when you’d like to start.

I’d love to. :blush: How many chapters and gems should we do?!

Cool! I’ll start now :grin:

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