R4r and Rating Stories

Hello there, if you want me to rate your story, just kindly send the link to your story down below.
I will be rating it like this:
Plot 10/10
Directing 10/10
Grammar 5/5
Dialogue 10/10
Characters 10/10
Overall 50/50
But here’s the catch
You first have to read 3 of my chapters of my story and then send a screenshot of the cover indicating that you have read all 3. You can rate it if you want.
I will only read 3 of your episodes. If i like it, i will continue it. You can choose if i want to be super honest or not. But dont worry i’m not gonna hurt your feelings or anything.
Here’s my story:

Like i said, read it first, send screenshot only then i will read yours.

I’d love to do this with you later on tomorrow as I have a wedding to go to.

Sure, just send me your story and the screenshot and i’ll get right to it.