R4R and Shoutouts Requests OPEN 🦋

Hey guys creating this one again for all of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
So here’s the thing I have been doing R4R and Shoutouts for a while now if you guys want it then you can fill up the respective request forms.
I’m gonna attach them here now :innocent:

R4R Form:

Story Shoutout Form:

1, Make sure you are following me on IG because I’ll post r4r and shoutouts on my IG story.
2. Please don’t unfollow me after your requests are fulfilled.
3. :warning: Only after you fill the forms I will finish your requests :warning:

Have a great day everyone :heart:

Also my IG: @storiesofanthony

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hi! what is your ig and your story? I have filled out the forms and want to read and follow :slight_smile: thanks for this thread! <3

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