R4R drop your stories below 😊

Hi everyone my name is Peachy and I’m new to the Episode community and the Episode forums. If you’d like to do a read for read comment below the name of your story and Instagram handle so we can follow each other on insta. My Instagram is Peachyepisode6

I will read the first three chapters of your story to complete the read for read.
Also please be patient with me :blush:
I will update this list as often as I can.

The name of my story is Energy Harvesters.
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Description: Due to a string of bad luck you decide to make a deal with a demon, What happens when you both fall for each other? (CC, 3LI, poly option)

Story link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5977347713335296

Finished reading- Way back when by @goji

Finished reading- Imperfect Heiress by @FRizy

Finished reading - A touch of Heaven by @Kaitvds

Finished reading- Chained to my heart by @JMO

Finished reading - Hidden weapon by @Swagatika

Finished reading - Icarus by @Archangel

Finished reading- paws and wolf paws by @Angelwings1983

Finished reading - Wishing Well by @Mystic.Ceb

Finished reading - love with your heart by @TRISHJACKSON

Finished reading - See the light by @jcwhisper.writes

Finished reading - Fatherless by Abdelmalek_Ashraf

Finished reading - The unwanted

Finished reading- Demon heist by Maine writes

Also if you commented more than one story I please allow me to get through the list I’ve made first and I will go back and read the other story you commented :blush:

I will send you screenshots via Instagram DM’s I also will add your story to my recommended stories highlight on Instagram :blush:


Hi, I’m interested. I currently have 4episodes.

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6313427103580160

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Perfect! I’ll check it out right now and you screenshots via Instagram Dm!

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Hi thanks for the thread! Here is my stories

Author : FRizy
Insta : @frizycorner (dm me, I will follow anyone back)
Title : Imperfect Heiress
Genre : Mystery, Romance
Full CC for MC, her family, and LI / Choices/ Art scene / 3 happy endings


Title : Secret Wings
Genre : Fantasy, Romance

Full CC for MC, his family, and LI / Choices matter/ Art scene / multiple endings for MC+LI and endings for people around MC / mini games

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Hi! I will follow you on insta and send you a dm :blush:

Here is mine if you’re interested <3

Story Name: A Touch Of Heaven
Genre: Romance/Drama
Number of episodes: 9
Style: Limelight
Instagram: kvds_writes
One love interest
Art scenes

Description: Elisa’s life has never been easy. That is until she meets a mysterious stranger, who turns her world upside down. With her fear of falling in love, can she resist him?

Story cover:

Please don’t steal anyone’s artwork!


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^^^ lol I’m sorry, I just noticed that you did indeed leave your Instagram handle :blush: I will send you a dm now!

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Also I just wanted to say everyone has some awesome stories with beautiful covers! Great work everyone :blush:

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Hi, I’m interested in R4R!! :blush::star_struck:

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Perfect will you comment your Instagram handle? :blush:

Yes @jmo.episode

I’m up for R4R
Title - hidden weapon
Description - She was hidden from the world for so long but now she has to take the crown… how will everyone react when a non existing mafia princess becomes the Queen overnight…|ART| |CC|
Number of episode - 6
Genre- drama/ action
Style - limelight
Cover -


Ig- epi_swagatika

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Hey, @Peachyepisode6!
Congratulations on releasing and welcome to the forums! I would love to do a R4R, 3x3 :blob_hearts:

ICARUS by Archangel

A Thriller|Mystery|Sci-Fi - story

Story description
A cunning detective and an evasive criminal cross paths and together they realize that flying too close to the sun might be their greatest downfall.


  • Two MC:s
  • Mature themes
  • Impactful and meaningful choices
  • Multiple endings
  • Important side-characters
What is the general plot of ICARUS?

How often do you update?


Follow my instagram @archangel.stories for updates, sneak peaks, general trivia and have a look at my carrd https://archangelstories.carrd.co/ for information about release schedule/dates and general questions.

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Hey Peachyepisode6,

Thank you for this thread. I will read your story. Please, read my stories ’Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’, ‘Little Star’ LL, ‘For HIS Sake’, and/or ‘The Runaway Groom’ LL and INK. R4R is closed at the moment (have too many stories I need to finish reading at the moment).

Number 1:

Cover Cat Paws And Wolf Claws:

Title: ‘Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’

Author: AngelWings

Instagram: @angelwings_1983

Genre: Fantasy

Style: LL

Episodes: 11 (More are following!!)

Link Cat Paws, Wolf Claws:

Description: You, a 49 year old female werecat, find an 9 year old orphan at your doorstep. What secrets will unfold, when you decide to take care of him??? No CC, Fantasy, Romance, choices… Female MC Male LI

Number 2:

:point_right: :point_right: 8 episodes, more are following:

Links The Runaway Groom:

Cover The Runaway Groom:

Description: You, a bi-male, runs away the 15th time at the aisle. What are you going to do if number 16 is the first one that ran away from you?? Male MC, Male LI, comedy, little bit of mafia and LGBTQ+

Number 3:

:point_right: :point_right: And now my pride, my baby:

Title: ‘For HIS Sake’

Author: AngelWings

Instagram: @angelwings_1983

Genre: LGBTQ+

Style: LL

Episodes: 21 (More are following!!)

Description: After a tragedy you decide to turn your life upside down. You quit your job and has one friend left. That changes when you meet him… Your LI… :wink: 18+ Male MC, Male LI CC, LGBTQ+



Small cover FHS

Number 4:

Link Little Star:

Cover Little Star:

** Description:** Your husband and you are trying to get children for years… finally she’s there… but she’s born dead… (LL) CC, Choices, 1 LI.

For a final special revamp (So, better not read it. :wink: ) :

  • Little Star INK (After revamp it’s complete)

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5414369397899264

  • The Door Is Open LL (After revamp it’s complete)

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6275142280609792

  • The Door Is Open INK (After revamp it’s complete)

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4708105566093312

  • The Search of Thomas f*ing White (LL) (Still continues after revamp…)

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6407085890535424

  • Bounded Minds (INK) (Still continues after revamp…)

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4611022308311040

  • Bounded Minds (LL) (Still continues after revamp…)

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5818856802942976

Happy reading!!

Love A-W

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I will send you a dm on insta :heart_eyes:

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Perfect I’ll send you a dm on insta

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Hiya. Thank you for creating this thread.
I would love to do a R4R or G4G if anyone’s interested.

Heres my stories:
Story : 1
:star2: :star2: :star2:
Title: The Constant Journey
Author: Mystic.Ceb
Description: Esmee has been searching for someone she lost a long time ago. With motherhood and being the top arms dealer around, she has a lot going on. Will the lost ever become the found?
Number of episodes: 12 (Season two | Episode one)
Genre: Action
Style: Limelight
My Amazing! Phenomenal cover by: TheMidJunes on forums

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5019330017034240

Story: 2
:star2: :star2: :star2:
Title: Wishing Well
Author: Mystic.Ceb
Description: People never seem to see the darkness behind ones smile. As life seems perfect, lies start to reveal themselves. With the help of a special man will her happiness prosper?
Full CC

Number of episodes: 6 (more coming)
Genre: Action
Style: Limelight
My Amazing! Phenomenal cover by: TheMidJunes on forums

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6689305061425152

Instagram @storiesby_mystic

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Hey! Welcome to the forum community :heart:
Great story :blush:

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Hi queen :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Congrats on publishing and welcome to the community! I’m down for a R4R. Let me know which story you’d be interested in :grin:

Story 1

Title: See the Light
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Chapters: 11 (Complete)
Description: You awaken in an alternate universe that mirrors your hometown; except it’s completely vacant. However, a family of seven help you unravel the truth in more ways than one. [CC]
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6251601538514944

Story 2

Title: Without a Trace
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Chapters: 10 (Ongoing)
Description: After her sister vanishes, Talulah sets out on an investigative search with the help of arcane criminology major, Avon. Will their perseverance and wit be enough to find her?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6707281652809728

Instagram: @jcwhisper.writes
Thank you :purple_heart:

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