R4R - Fantasy stories

Is anyone interested in doing R4R?
I’ll read your first three chapters and send you screenshots, in return for the same. Here is my story, leave yours below, if you’re interested. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: Ad eternum
Description: It’s not written in a prophecy, I wouldn’t even dare call it fate. It was simply about who would be brave or foolish enough to defy the Eternal King. CC|2LI
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6290781253730304
My IG: @writtenbynari

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Thank you so much for this love :slightly_smiling_face:
I could do r4r and share your story also :smiley:

Link to my story http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6183524831526912

Credit by episode_katherinee for the Story Banner

My new cover credit by Jade135

Story name: She Lost Her Faith
Why should the reader read my story: I want to start a story for a long time if they will like to my read my story it had some good vampire and also human I want to make a story that will be different that could be a vampire and human working together has a great people
How many chapters: 16 more to come
How many love interest: 2 LL
CC or Limit CC: Limit CC
Instagram daisyrodriguezepisode

Here is my second stories but it sequel story of Devon
Cover credit by arora.episode and crisora.art follow them both on Instagram
Cover: Falling_For_Esteban_Garcia_Cover

Story: Falling For Esteban Garcia
Why should the reader read my story: It a sequel story of Dulce adopted sister Devon there will be some vampire also

It will have full CC for Devon family and Esteban family
It will have Limit CC For Dulce family and Dulce boyfriend

Sound & Music: Yes both
How many chapters: 3 but more to come
How many love interest: 1 LL only

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Hi! Sure, which story do you want me to read? :blush:

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You could choose any stories you like :grinning::heart:

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Alright! I’ll PM the ss when I’m done :blush:

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Hello :two_hearts::wave:
Anyone interested ? :blush:

I published my story hope you like it!
Title : My Strange Magical Dream
Genre : Fantasy
Style : LL
Chapters : 3 and more coming
Description : Every night, you have this strange yet magical dream with this mysterious person that appears in it. Would you be able to find out who was the person and the meaning of your dream?

My Instagram : Anasfa.EpisodeStory
Storylink : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6550977526824960

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Yas, I’ll add it to my list and PM you the ss when I’m done, is that alright? :blush:

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Great I’m going to read your story and send you some screenshots also :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

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Thank you :two_hearts:
I will send you a message with my opinion and SS of your story when I’ll finish it :blush:

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