R4R (Fantasy Stories)


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Sure. 3 chapters. I’ll send full screenshots when I’m done.

Title: Reveal: A Captain’s Tale

By : lanafrazer_epsidoe

Instagram: lanafrazer.episode

Genre: Drama, Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Style : Limelight

Episodes: 1-3 (On-going)

Description: A blacksmith is on a journey to unfold the truth about his long lost father. What happens when he boards a ship owned by a pirate captain who’s not what he seems to be.

Link: Episode Writer Portal

I will do the same for yours! Getting started on it now!

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PS. I’m already enjoying this damn story, and it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!! okur?! XDDD

Thank you so much!!! I appreciate it🫶🏾🤍

Can I just say I loved the fruit basket mini game😫!!!

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I thought no one liked it!! But, thanks!

Alright, loved the story! Especially the characters. Loved the directing, your still getting the hang of the camera/zoom, and make sure your speech bubbles are little bigger. Loving the bg/ovs. So far this is the best supernatural story I’ve also come across. There are more like these but totally different. :100: :heart: :star_struck: :raised_hands:t6:

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Hey! Think we followed each other on episode the other day! I’d like to do a 3x3 r4r if you’re interested!

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The directing, the mini, the choices, the plot were ALL spot on!!!

I can’t wait to see how this story plays out!!! And OMG, the cliffhanger on chapter three :sob:!!!

Loving Aylard’s character, and his relationship with his mother and wife!!!

(screenshots: incoming)

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A true gem that’s for sure!!!
This story was absolutely phenomenal!!!:white_heart:🫶🏾

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I’d love to do r4r if you’re still looking :blush:
Here are my story details:
Title: Witch Hunters
Genre(s): Fantasy, adventure, and romance
Description: In a world where women’s souls are stolen in a nefarious plot to destroy the world, will supernatural siblings Simon and Esmee be able to stop Death?
Features: 2 love interests (male and female), advanced directing, choices that matter
Link: Episode Writer Portal
I have 9 episodes out currently, and am happy to read as many as you have :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi thank you for this 🫶🏽. I’m open for R4R if you’re interested :relaxed:.

Title: Deathly Wish
Author: Ryder
Style: Limelight
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 8 but more to come
Description: After a tragic death, her curse was triggered making her the first and last of her kind. Will she learn to accept her mate or end up killing him for her own gain?
Uses a point system to determine ending/unlock certain scenes, No CC, & uses custom poses

Cover done by @yin

Thanks! :heart:

Thanks for the thread :thread::thread:
I just updated my story, I would appreciate if you read it :blob_hearts:

Title - The Magic School
Author - Silver
Insta - _silver.shade71 / _silver.epi

Genre - Fantasy/Mystery
Story Style - Limelight
Chapters - 9 (no wait)
Description - Magic, does it exist? You got to know that you’re the most powerful magical but with that comes secrets. Will you be able to handle the pressure? |CC| Games| LI

Link - (Episode Writer Portal)

Don’t forget to share your opinions on my insta Dm :heart:
(pm me)

Hi! Want to do a R4R or G4G? Here is my fantasy story