Hello, everyone! I am very happy to tell you that I entered in the UL contest. I would be very grateful if you could read my story and , of course, I am avaible for a R4R and G4G , as well! Comment below your stories and I will read them as soon as I can. It would be better if you would leave your IG accounts as well. Thank you!!! Here is my story:
TITLE: UL: M(+)Y Complicated relationship
AUTHOR: Julie Happier
GENRE: Romance
SUMMARY : Just when you think you are leading a perfect and quiet life, a problem appears. Like Ynnes Martinez, a writer obsessed with inner peace, is forced by fate to leave her comfort zone, one day bumping into a guy more complicated than a 1000-piece puzzle. Even if in everyone’s view love means something else, they are what they have always longed for. Will they manage to pass the complicated stages of the relationship and complete each other as the stars hope?
LL,CC, 1MC - female only, 1LI- male only, sound&music, dressing games including INK colours.

Can’t wait to read your stories and to discover amazing writers! : :heart_eyes:



Congratulations on publishing :two_hearts:

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Thank you!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi @julyhappier12! I’d love to read your story! Here’s mine:

TITLE: UL: Are you ok, boss?
AUTHOR: Esta Tolia
GENRE: Romcom
SUMMARY : You’re a Queen suddenly transported to the modern world as a CEO! How will you manage your new environment? And why does your assistant look so familiar?
Includes advanced directing, sound, music and minigames!


Amazing! Can’t wait! Can You give me your IG account to send You there the se to prove that I read? And I can do G4G as well. Thank you!! :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Of course! It’s Toliaesta on Instagram. What’s yours?

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julymhappier. Send me a message once you get to my account🥰

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OMG STAWP! I have seen your story promoted somewhere so this is fate to read your masterpiece!

I would love to do a 3x3. Let me know if this is feasible.
Please let me know if you would like the screenshots via forums or Instagram (if so, I will need your handle, mine is @himeji.episode).

G4G I can do 5 gems per chapter or less. I will send screenshot proof/video proof of spending gems in your story is this is agreed upon, I anticipate the same on your end ehehe.

Also of note: I only will read the first chapter with screenshots and continue after you do the same. Then I will do the remaining 2 agreed upon.

UL: Mafia’s Thorn


Look forward to reading your story~

  • Himeji
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Thank you for replying! I agree and I think it would be better on Instagram. I will send you ss after each episode and I will donate 5 gems for each chapter. I will start it soon . My IG is @julymhappier

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Alright I’ll be sure to add you and keep you in the loop with reads!

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Is this your account?

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Yes that’s me!

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Hahah, I already know you since Double Life contest :grin:

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oh really!? how could I forget you! sheesh so many amazing people on this platform ha ha!

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Ik :grin:. I have sent you a text there on IG

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Can I find it on your IG account?

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:fire: 𝙐𝙇: 𝙏𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙏𝙞𝙚𝙨 :fire:

Please read all 3 episodes at once. Episode 4 will be released late next week​:raised_hands::white_check_mark:

:bangbang:Genre: Romance, Fantasy and Action​:bangbang:

:bangbang:Description: You were born special because of the magic you hold. But now you are caught in a tug-of-war between the mafia and military. They both want your powers. Will you fall in love or play their game?:bangbang:

:white_check_mark:Full CC
:white_check_mark:2 LI’s
:white_check_mark:Choices that matter
:white_check_mark:Advanced directing
:white_check_mark:MMA fighting
:white_check_mark:Slow burn love
:white_check_mark:Comedy moments
:white_check_mark:Self growth choices
:white_check_mark:Lifelong friendships
:white_check_mark:Strong minded female MC

Thank you for this​:heart::heart:

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Hi girl♥️

Yes you can @mona_d_writes_episode

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Okay, I will send you there a text because it’s easier for me to talk there

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