R4R, G4G, I'll read your story!

Hello! Congrats on publishing! I’d love to do R4R. I’ve added your story and will send you SS on IG. Here’s my story:

Link: Episode Writer Portal
Title: Double Double Toil & Trouble
Author: Emeraldrina (IG @emeraldrina.writes)
Genre: Fantasy
Format: LimeLight
Description: When troublesome twins Willow and Hazel Sage arrive at Spellworth Academy of Witchcraft, they stumble on a mystery that could destroy the school forever. Will they uncover the secret before it’s too late?
Features: Choices, Full CC, Male and Female LIs for both twins, LI points system, Mini-games


I’d love to do r4r and g4g for 3 episodes and also share screenshots, if you’re interested.

Story Name:
UL: Falling For My Husband


Weddings are easy when you’re only a fake fiancé. Marriage? Not so easy when you fall for your fake husband. When the line between fake and real blurs, will he fall for you too?

1 LI
Full CC
Points System
3 Endings


Interested in G4G!! All of my chapters have skip options (: pls lmk if interested, and if you have an Insta you could message me @viper.episode (if you don’t, you can just reply here instead haha).

My story is called Veiled Divinity by seraphicviper

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You’re on my list I’m excited!

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I got you down!

Yeah let me know if 5 gems per is okay! I’ll put you down now!

I will contact you on Instagram! And you’re on my list!

5 gems per is good!

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Chapter 1, 5 gems spent

Chapter 2, 5 gems spent

Chapter 3, 5 gems spent

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Thanks so much I’ll have you marked down!

I also have some Instagram R4R so I’ll slowly make it back to you I’m sorry!

Thank you for this thread. If you’re still interested and don’t have too many already, I’d be open for R4R


I may have too many but I will make time for you! :joy::clap:t2: You’ll just have a bit of a wait time ha ha

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Just take all the time you need, I’m patient. Just don’t stress yourself or anything.

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Ha ha okay I promise I won’t forget yah!

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Don’t worry about it, take as much time as you need.

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Hi! Thank you for making this thread. I would love to do a R4R and G4G with you if you are interested.

I just published a new story! I would appreciate it if you gave it a chance and share it please! Feedback is welcomed!

Title: The Truce

Description: Sergei is a cold-hearted gang leader. What happens when he is given a proposal that turns out to be more than he expected?

Style: LL

Genre: Action

Status: 18 Chapters Published, Ongoing

My insta: @safi.episode

URL: Episode Writer Portal


Title: Rose Gun
Genre: Mystery
Description: A Private Eye investigator falls in love with a client discovering that she might be a suspect of a murder. Jake Love must decide to trust the evidence or trust his heart.
IG: http://instagram.com/rosegunepisodestory?igshid=ZDdkNTZiNTM=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoseGunEpisode
Link: Episode Writer Portal

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Title: Pride Love
Author: Waxeye
Description: After pretending that nothing is wrong, James decides to prove everyone wrong, and in the end, when the love interest reveals their true character, James discovers a new love.

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Hi! Could we do G4G 5gems per and 4x4? :blush:

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4x4 okay?