R4R/G4G thread <3

Hi guys! I’m a small author looking to support other authors just like me! I feel that the Episode app isn’t really built to help smaller authors grow, so hopefully we can support each other in the ways we know how! I’m willing to do R4R and G4G with anyone, given that you provide proof of either reading, donating gems, or both. If you’re interested, you can:

  1. DM me on Instagram (@cia.episodee).
  2. PM me on here!
  3. Reply to this thread with the link to your story.

A post with my story cover, description, and link is available below👇 . Xo, Ciara <3.


Hey girl, thanks for Thread, I am interested in a r4r :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you can dm me @__alexa.oi on Instagram

Story title: BEHIND THE WIND
genre: Thriller

Description: A 26yrs old lady got into a terrible accident and she was in comma for 5yrs, upon waking she found out that she is able to see and communicate with spirits, will she ever find peace

Story link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4824179999965184

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Ofc, I’ll dm you in a few minutes!

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I don’t have IG nor did I published a story yet but I’m down to do a RFR. And when I have IG can I be in the group chat too?


great thanks!!

I’m free for G4G, PM me!

When shipwreck leaves you lost at sea with a band of pirates can you use the stars to navigate? With a crazed king on your tail and treasure on the map this sea is full of secrets.

Hiii :relaxed:… Thanks for this thread.:relaxed::heart: I am open for read4read and G4G.

Title: Sleeping Rose
Author: Ashy.episode
IG: @ashy_12367

Description: Cursed, you have have only 100 days to live. With a destined love and a curse to break will you be able to save your kingdom and your friends as well?CC, 2LI, choices matter.


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Send me a request on IG love!

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Okay :heart: I have :relaxed::heart:

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you are interested in doing a r4r. If yes, please message me the title / link of your story.

Here’s mine if you’re interested:

My Undercover Love- Title

Hey! Would really like it if you read my story! I’m also up for an R4R!
Name: Best of Both Worlds
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 5
Description: Ava, a half-blood finds herself in a horrible tragedy, but when there’s bad there’s good when she meets Aiden Grayson who can be a cold monster but also a sweet soul.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5835093293334528
Thank you!

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Hi! I’d be down for a R4R :grin:

Story: See the Light
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Description: You awaken in an alternate universe that mirrors your hometown; except it’s completely vacant. However, a family of seven help you unravel the truth in more ways than one. [CC]
Instagram: @jcwhisper.writes
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6251601538514944

Thank you :heart:

Let me know if you’re interested in a r4r. :sparkling_heart:

Title: Eat Stake
Author: Sinead O’Neill
IG: sinead.fictionist

Story Description
Trying to protect the world from the most powerful interdimensional being there is, is hard enough, but what happens when you fall for his hot but heartless son?
(cc, choices, adv directing, music/sound, mini-games, art scenes)

Eat Stake link

:purple_heart: I am up for READ FOR READ. My new story it’s called Worlds Apart and it has 3 chapters. I think that it would be fair if we exchange 3 episodes for reading. :heart_decoration:

:purple_heart: Feedbacks are always welcome!

:exclamation:SCREENSHOTS ARE REQUIRED! :exclamation:

:purple_heart:Story name: Worlds Apart
:purple_heart:Author name: Luna
:purple_heart:Chapters: 3
:purple_heart:Style: LL
:purple_heart:Genre: Drama
:purple_heart:Description: A girl lives a quiet life with her parents until there is a conflict between them and they go their separate ways. Will you be able to understand the fate of the girl?
:purple_heart:Instagram: starluna.epi
:purple_heart:Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5306622156144640

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Thank you for this :heavy_heart_exclamation: :blush:
Here my story
I’m up for r4r, if you interested then dm me or pm me.
Title : The Broken History
Genre : Thriller
Episode : 6 out now!
Description :
Police officer Amelia is clueless of being linked to the mafia. Would her partner walk with her on this dangerous path? Would the truth arise?

Insta Id : @episode__anjali
LIink : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5023347762724864

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