R4R/G4G- Tied Together

I have 4 :blush:

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We can do four :slight_smile:

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Hi :wave: I’d be up for R4R or G4G. Which ever you like.

Here is my story:

Title: Tales of a Senior
Author: Tarly
Insta: @tarly.writes
Genre: LGBTQ+/RomCom - Coming out story
Story Style: Limelight
Chapters: 6 (ongoing)
Follow Kylie and her friends as they navigate through the ups and downs of their last year in high school.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

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Great we can a do a r4r

Hi I’m interested in a R4R and G4G.

Title: Pride Love
Author: Waxeye
Episodes: 3
Link: Episode Writer Portal

ill do it

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Hi, thank you for this thread!

I would love to do a G4G read with you. Here is my link

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Hi! I’m down for a R4R if you’re interested :purple_heart:

Title : Dawn of Mystic
Genre : Fantasy
Chapters out : 4 (chapters are lengthy with a lot more coming soon with weekly-biweekly updates)
Description : Angels and demons are polar opposites, but what happens when worlds collide? The truth can only be hidden for so long, and Marlene has yet to find out her true origins. (CC)
Author : Nyah
IG : nyah.writes
Style : Limelight
Features : 3 love interests (LGBT included), points system, timed choices, advanced directing
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Hi, I’d love to do a R4R with you and anyone who wants it, I currently only have 3 chapters so please read the 3 and I’ll do the same for you :blush::sparkling_heart:

:sunflower: Title: Salt in The Wound
:sunflower: Full CC for MC, one LI, one ending, points system, impactful choices
:sunflower: Genre: Romance/Drama
:sunflower: Description: Her first love transfers back to her school after a year of not hearing from him. What if they cross paths? Will new feelings bloom? Or will her hatred outweigh these feelings?
:sunflower: Instagram: cerisaro

If you want to see my story cover you can view it here it was drawn by me! :two_hearts:

Story Link:

My story explores - new + old friendships, hard past, moving on, coming of age, first love, family problems and more :sunflower:

Hey! Down for G4G, I can do any amount jist lmk ((: and I have 11 chapters total

The Cover??? :scream:

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I’m down whenever…
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Hi! I’m available to do a R4R now:)

Hi! I’m available to do a G4G if you want!

Heyyyy, I’m umm new to this soooo ummm this is coolll. Anyways here’s my story. (R4R)
Title: Ms. Problematic
By: Ivy Vale
IG:(none I’m trying to stay anonymous lol)
Genre: Lgbtq+,Romance, & Comedy (The episodes are honestly, only around 5 minutes :S
About: Enemies to lovers: Kim is in here final year of college ready to take on the world! However, her plans seem to change after meeting her soon to be enemy, Adeline…CC
Story Link: Episode Writer Portal

-Did I just copy the person above me…yes, yes I did. Shoutout to them! Also I follow back so you know follow me…(jkjk)…If you get the chance please read it I’ll do the same for you :hugs:

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Hi! Do you want to do a R4R?

Yeah sure!

Great! I’ll start right mow

I can I get your story link?

Hi! Thank you for making this thread. I would love to do a R4R and G4G with you if you are interested.

Title: Twisted Hearts

Description: Scarlet thought she had “the perfect life” until her husband passed away. She moves to a new city where she meets two handsome men who fight for her heart. Who will win?

Style: LL

Genre: Drama

Status: 5 Chapters Published, Ongoing

My insta: @safi.episode

URL: Episode Writer Portal