R4r heros & villains contest deal

Alright, we’ve seen this scene many times, a small author writes a story to get attention to their main story, fails at the contest, and quits Episode. We’ve seen this, and maybe some of us are about to experience it.

Instead of competition, let’s help each other out. When the clock strikes 12, let’s replay our stories. One by one. THIS DEAL ONLY INCLUDES CONTEST STORIES. If you are NOT participating the contest, please do not reply.

If you’re participating reply with your story link. I’ll replay at least the first episode to all. I don’t want to force you to read my story so I can get reads, I’ll read your story anyway. If you’re interested in my story just look up “Kaleidoscopic” on app. And that’s all.



I’m totally participating!!!

Title: H&V: Angels Can’t Die

Author: CatEyedGoddess

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5787789957922816

I’ll start re-reading yours :kissing_heart:

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Hi, TheTurtleTrainer!
Your suggestion looks tempting, but you haven’t taken into account a tiny nuance. The winner will be determined according to the level of reader retention rate. Probably, you know that reader retention takes into account the ratio between the number of people, who start reading your story and who finish all the available chapters. Due to this just playing the first episode of some story and then abandoning it will cause more harm than profit, as it will decrease the overall retention rate, although will increase the number of reads. Just keep it in mind. :grinning:
But I agree that we, contestants, should unite and support each other instead of being enemies.
Have a nice day!


I said at least first episode because my passes will end out. I know it’s chosen by reader retention rate, thank you for reminding again though. :slight_smile:

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Hi there! Would love to read your H&V Story. Here is mine:

H&V: To the Edge of the Galaxy
A Cyberpunk space odyssey about an Imperial Princess turned hero-for-hire. Go on galactic missions, fall in love & find your inner hero. Sci-Fi Japanese, Roman & Egyptian lore. CC.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5647195314978816

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H & V: The Hacker Chronicles.
Genre: Adventure
Follow three best friends on an epic post-apocalyptic quest to find the rightful heir to the throne! Choices Matter You Play All Three Characters

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Hi, everyone!

I really loved the contest theme, so I decided to enter.

This my first story ever and I would highly appreciate it if you could have a look at my story and maybe give me some feedback! I am happy to read back your stories as well!

The story is called Heroes & Villains: Fate

Thank you very much in advance!

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I’ve read the first episode and I’m so excited for the second episode! I was shook when war happened! I’ll read all of 'em once my passes refill! By the way, you managed to create a snacc that stranger you found is a 100/10 :wink:

Story link if you’re interested : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5318703894102016

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Read the first episode and I love the spot directing, overlays and custom background! I can see that you put so much effort in this, I hope nothing goes to waste, by the way I’m loving that futuristic theme! Just a little tip you can type NARRATOR (NAME) and it will display the name (of the character you typed. :wink:
Story link if you’re interested : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5318703894102016

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Damn! That’s a good first story Added to favorites! :wink: I saw some overlay mistakes though, you can fix them once the contest is over.
-Some overlays are not spot directed (like cafe’s service table), I’ve seen that you use animations, but sadly that makes them appear as they are first THEN they shift into their form. You should use " BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to SCALE (1.000) SPOT (0 0) in zone # at layer # " :wink:

I loved the choice options, definitely being a badass :slight_smile:
Story link if you’re interested : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5318703894102016

Amazing! Thank you so much! I am adding your story to my favorites. At work during the day, but will read through this evening and will leave fanmail. :smiley:

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OMG, thank you SO much! Your feedback really means a lot to me! If you are going BADASS then make sure to check out chapter 4 for the alternative ending.

Thank you for your help with overlays! I was trying to figure out the best solution but whatever I tried — I failed miserably. I will update my chapters then once the contest is over (I am a bit scared that if I update now it may mess my Rubic score)

Can you, please, send me the story name? I access the forum from my laptop and can’t read the story through that link! If you send me the name it will be easier for me to find it!

Thank you so much again for the feedback and you support! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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It’s called H & V : Kaleidoscopic :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks! yes as soon as the contest is over I am going to update with all the advice you all have given so far!
Just about done with Therese and I will read yours next. How many episodes of mine did you read?

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I was only able to read 2, but don’t worry I’ll start episode 3 soon!

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Just curious! I appreciate all the support!

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I just finished your story here’s my opinions;


  • I got the bad ending! THAT PIECE OF SH*T TRICKED ME! I can’t believe I fell into such a trap, thank you a lot for putting an alternative ending episode.
  • I think that if you didn’t put it you would get much more reads due to replays.
  • Your story touched me a lot, I was shocked when MC accepted her fate instead of fighting. I thought she wouldn’t pass that opportunity.
  • For your first story, you managed branching quite good. I’m impressed :wink:

Anyway, best of luck to you! I hope you get more reads! :heart:

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Hello guys !! If you think you guys have some time to read a story, please check mine out.

Name : The sea of Amber
Description : In the era of technology, you, a doctor, gets obsessed with a mystery book of an ancient era. Obsession transports you to a different era. What’s waiting for you? LGBTQ, MC Fe/male
Genre : Fantasy medieval
No. of episode available : 3

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Thank you so much for your opinion, that really means a lot!

I accidentally created chapter 4 actually, initially alternative endings were supposed to come at the end of chapter 3. Do you have any idea if it is possible to delete a chapter? I didn’t find a way to do that.

If the story is well-received, I will then continue it from the bad ending and MC will fight back! (or maybe not :wink: )

Thank you very much for you feedback once again! I will get to your story as soon as I get more passes, Lol :wink:

Love! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


I don’t think you can delete an episode once you publish, but you can always lock it with labels, although Episode doesn’t like that very much. I suggest after contest is finished put alternative ending in episode 3 and start writing the rest of the story on episode 4. :wink:

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