R4R Instagram group! [Open Again!]

Hey guys, I am creating a R4R group in instagram so that we can hold and develop the reads count in our stories

  1. If you want to be a part of this, Drop your IG so that I can add you in the group.
  2. We all will read 3 chapters of each story 3 times (3X3) which would really help the authors.
    3, After reading, we will send proofs to each other. :blob_hearts:

Here are some random tags I found on the forums. I apologize if you didn’t wanted to be tagged but I really want more people to see this.

@Pinkrose @Ashh36 @pqstiche @adilistic.stories @kylee.3012 @GretaMarisole @ChrisAg @episode_jun @Jazzimay25 @braily @An-Mari @mimiepi @MatchaTae @Seep_Mukta @Shahtuta @Superpup @Someone2 @Zeah @Celestial_Night @blanche_writes
@xgeorgia @XxAikoHalfWolfGirlxX @Eepisode @SatansDaughter @akira2 @Jade135 @Sarah.Sameeha @Laylamae @Heidi.gray @TheMarie @EpiSree_112 @Shahtuta @briana.epy @_sienna @adilistic.stories @ssea.episode @Jazelle_rj @Your_girl.kay @Rainbowpower6876 @Lino_episodee @Minimayday @girgitii @lydiag_episode @maree_s @Roy @ImAnAlien @Brynida @Mehak_273 @kokebi_episode @EllyAus234 @episodemichi @SatansDaughter @amber.writes @Days @Me_and_Mel @reina.a.ep @Maeverie.Rivera @Atraxata @Spread_H4ppiness @noyaan @Youngbl00d @Annelise_Episode @NemesisDarkFox @AbbyH @briana.epy @noyaan @lanafrazer_episode @Teeg_22 @Gazza_Episode @Your_girl.kay @EllyAus234 @Shahtuta @LiliStar @kahotshot @ssea.episode @NightJ18 @Night_mare @Zoya_Fatima @zwrites @Tay11 @your_girl.kay @amelial @Cherry_epy @luchibob @Episode.george @ItsTerra @ItsLily @Gazza_Episode @Gabi.episode @_Shi_Shi @Celia_Episode @Jayl @tessa28 @amber.writes @ZephEpisode @Amphia @Minimayday @veronica.episode @FoxyLolz @Ajay_theweirdo @roseepisode @Black_fantasy @Anustories @Gracie_Powless @GraceW.writes @rafa.episode @June_Sinclair @sim_epi @lanafrazer_episode @leahbrooke88 @maree_s


I would have love to join but I am not able to login into my IG account but I can still do R4R from forums!!


sure send me your link!

Here’s mine

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I don’t have a story yet but I will read your story!!

I should have mentioned that lol sorry

I’ll join!

Tysm! it means a lot. :blob_hearts:

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I"ll add you!

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I’m interested
Ig: episode.lillz

Bhoomi you have a story??

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Please let me know what you think!

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Sure, I’ll add you

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I want to join
Instagram handle @roseepisode._

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Sure, I’ll add you

I want to join please Instagram jazz.episode01

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Sure!! I will let you know!

I don’t have a story yet @episode.lillz but I am still willing to read stories :blush:


thank you!!!

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