R4R K&T: Breaking The Habit

Thank you so much I’m gradually working my way down my list thank you for your time and patience.

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@writerren I’ve finished
Nice long chapters

Sorry there’s is not a lot of pictures but I ran out of space on my phone. I seriously need to start deleting pictures lol

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@TESSAB I’ve finished
Cute story

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Thank you for reading!! Good luck with the contest!

I have finished

Read your story as well

Yeah if you post pictures on here once you’re done.
I’ll add you to my reading list. But please allow me sometime as I have about ten to work through.

Nevermind, just checked and we’ve already done r4r!
Sorry for the misunderstading

@Mergi I’ve finished reading.

Update on reading list
@hollistar K&T Roxanne ( currently reading)
@_Alma Underpopulated
@lanafrazer_episode A Princes Curse
@Zey Bio Histeria
@Auremiol My Superlife
@line123462 Retrace
@SilverLady Eternal Oblivion
@nschz K&T Love Reaction
@R.es.Story K&T play Mind games
@Episode_Madeline16 He’ll Fire Gang L
@Yoshi Episodes Official Play List

Girl, I already told you, there’s no need to read my story :joy: I’ll be more than happy to read yours, even without an r4r

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No I want to but if you are happy to wait a while I’ll bump some of the K&T entries up the list as time is ticking away lol.
But your story is saved to my favourites and I’m sooooo going to give it a read it sounds soooo :sunglasses: cool hehe

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:heart: :heart:

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Thank you! :two_hearts: Sure, take your time I really don’t mind

Thank you

@hollistar I’ve finished reading your story.
It was a nice read and I enjoyed seeing the world through Sean’s eyes.
Lol he has the same name as my boyfriend just spelt differently

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Thank you for reading! I’ve just got done reading yours!

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Thanks you

@_Alma I’ve finished reading your story and it’s a really interesting enjoyable read.


I’ve finished. I can see a very good story is being sown together.

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