R4R: K&T: Timeless

Never cross a witch, especially when she is trying to help you. Krista learns the hard way when she seeks help from a powerful witch named Tituba. Although it is disgraceful for social classes to mix Krista can’t help her forbidden crush. In order to get his attention she takes a love potion and seals it with a kiss. When she suspects that the love spell is a curse she does the only thing she thinks she can do… run. Her biggest mistake was thinking she could out run fate .

story link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5083773093609472

trailer below

I am free all day to read your entries. send me screenshots from each episode and a final one that shows “this story will be continued” so I know you have completed and I will do the same !
Goodluck everyone!


Stunning cover, wanna r4r?

Yes ! Just send me screenshots from my chapters and I’ll do the same . Drop your link

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K&T: Dangerous Hearts (co - written with rieka.creates)

~ When Wren finds out about his father’s condition, he’s forced to follow in his fathers footsteps, with out his brother by his side. Will he find out who Kalila is in time? Or will his life be on the line ? :kiss:

Instagram: @karoline.writes and @rieka.creates

second time I tried to move forward this scene, but I am stuck here

Weird let me take a look , not that I can change anything :weary:

I sent a ticket to support just refresh one last time for me and try again I’m starting on your story now

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just finished the first episode - his family definitely did not have to do him like that

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it went smoothly :+1:

Almost done !

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u can check out my thread for rfr. Right now, I am giving preferences for the stories with less that 100 reads so if u r one or know someone dont forget to tag them on my thread. All you need to do is fill the form in my thread. Loking forward to help!