R4R my story (TWISTED) **OPEN**

My story TWISTED
Doing R4R
Reads: I’m willing to read 4 or more
Rules: you MUST DM or PM SS
I prefer Instagram for a quicker response
If you’re interested in doing R4R
No Reviews necessary but if you want to just DM on Instagram(@ms.red01)or PM me here

Small Cover:
Description: Cyn is 18 and she’s trying to take care of her little sister Star and balance life it self
Large Cover:

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Author:Shana Ravi
Search in episode app it will show up.

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Do you still want to do r4r…

This is my link


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A read for read.
I’m always up for it!
if anyone interested
Story link


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: JUST WHEN I FOUND LOVE (Dilemma)

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Story name Just when i found love
Story style Ink
Genre Drama
Story description A love she believes in and a love he uses as a reprisal of the past. What happens when the hidden truth uncovers?? is everything what it seems??
Customized characters No but trust me, they’re HOT!
Choices Yes


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Willing to do a read for read with anyone if interested. You don’t have to but if you want to do a read for read with me, please sign up on the attached form. It helps me keep my reads in order! :kissing_heart:

Thank You!

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@Marshmallow_O DM or PM
my Instagram(ms.red01)

I don’t have an insta and I don’t open my PM’s :joy: but what’s up!

If you were interested in R4R with me I wanted you to PM or DM with SS

Oh! Haha okay! Could you sign up on my google form? Sorry it’s silly but it’s how I keep my stories in order.

@Marshmallow_O I’ll fill out the form but you have to read mines 1st and send SS and I’ll do the same
If it’s something that you is okay with?

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yeppers! just don’t forget to fill out the form :joy: thank you so much

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I’m still doing R4R if anyone is interested…

Hi! I’m willing to do R4R, if you’re up for it!

Tittle: Taken: Dead or Alive (INK)
Author: xoRoséxo
Genre: Drama/Action
Chapters: 10
Description: Rose & Sophia Beaumont are tough to handle. But what if one is taken and another one has been targeted to kill? Will they able to stay strong? Or love will get in their way? #mafiaworld#girlpower
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5725258112892928
Instagram: xoroses.episode

Rose&Sophia.jpg1242×1541 1.1 MB

credit to: ellendrawings_(IG)

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Are you fine to read 9 for 9 chapters?

Yeah that’s fine

Hey ! :slight_smile:

Here’s my two stories!

You can pick the one you want to do a R4R with and I’ll read your story :slight_smile:

Love and Debt: He’s rich, attractive, and broken. She’s cold, orphan and a thief. When there paths crossed, everything will be all over the place. This is also where it’s getting interesting. CC
Genre: romance.
Episode: 5, more coming soon.

One love at the time: Lola is an ordinary girl, until she meets Caleb, and her life turns upside down, because they have to keep it secret, but for different reason. Typical? Believe me, it’s not. CC
Genre: romance
Episodes: 18, more coming soon.

I’m ready to read 3 episodes in exchange of 3 episodes!

Instagram: alx_episode

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I wanna do a read for read
Story: Broken
Author: Weird

Sorry if I am so late

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