R4R Open - Fill In the form (Fantasy/Mystery/Horror/Thriller/Scifi Genres)

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You must be following me on Instagram for your requests to be accepted. Forgive me, but I only accept stories that spark my interest and are LL in the genre of either fantasy, horror/thriller/mystery, and science fiction. This just makes rfrs more enjoyable and easier to complete. I hope you understand.

Thus, I’ll contact you if I want to start an rfr with you through Instagram or the forums. I kindly hope you reply me back within a week (max) or else your form will be automatically deleted. Or if you are busy you can let me know beforehand and we’ll set up a time and date that will both work for us but if you avoid it I’ll do the same.

Please comment down below to let me know if you have finished completing the form.


Instagram: episode_nc


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Closed by OP request. :smiley: