R4R open glad to read yours if you read mine

Hi everyone,
I am a new author of Head held high
I have been wanting to write this story for a whlie ,just could not bring myself to it
now i have published 5 episodes, currently have 70 reads
But it would mean the world to me if more people would read my story
If you have any story you have published i would gladly read it
I am planning on writing second story but i would like to have the confidence of doing well on my first story if that makes sense
Also if you like my story add it to your favorite i try to update every week if episode approves everything
So thank you if you choose to read my story it really does mean a lot to me😊

Title :Head Held High
Author : Milly
Genre : Drama (lots of it)
Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6017598494539776

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