R4R! Post your story here!

Willing to do R4R! This is my first time using character customization so I’d like some feedback,

Title: Losing Control
Author: Jessie
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5517839197601792
Chapters: 3 (More to come)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Summary: Law student Nora finds herself falling in love with the son of New Orleans’ most notorious gang leader despite her better judgement. How serious will the consequences be?
Style: Limeligh

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If you’re up for a R4R, my work can be found here:

It’s called What’s Your Emergency?, by Sathael. We’re following an anti-romantic human train-wreck and 999 call operator who hates that one cocky police officer on her team. But 999 emergencies have a funny way of changing your world.

Hi there!
I would love to do read for read. I’ll read your story as soon as possible :blush:

Information about my story
Story title: Forbidden Love
Name author (so me): Lili Star
Genre: Romance and a little bit of comedy
Story style: INK
Story caption: Princess Amanda never thought that she would have feelings for a girl, which is forbidden. Until she met Vanessa, the gorgeous sister of prince Roberto who she has to marry.
Episodes: 7, but more are coming soon!
Important information: This is my first story, so it is not the best, but you can still enjoy it. There are also not many choices. There is no CC and sounds/music are since chapter 4.
Here is the link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4671279079948288

My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Here can you DM me for questions and for discussing our read for read session.
If you follow me, I will follow back :two_hearts:

Here is the (small) cover:

If you’re up for r4r, here’s my story:

AUTHOR: Elizepisode
LINK: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6420401277763584

Hey! I’ll read this ASAP. The link to my story is in the original post. Let me know what you think!

I’m always looking for stories to read, sure, I’ll have a look at it.

Here’s mine:

Love the story but the coding needs a bit of work. Let me know if you need a hand x

This is my first time doing a lot of the coding, so I would definitely appreciate some help!

Story - War Cry
Description - A group of assassins fighting alongside the same special forces team who tried to capture them…
Link - http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5729180904652800

Let me know if you’re interested!
Story Title: Josephine (LL)
Author Name: Matilda
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 3 (more coming)
Description: Josephine catches her fiancé in an affair. Journey with her as she struggles to piece her life back together and find love again! Hope you like it!

Hi, thanks for the thread! :slight_smile: This is my first story, hope u will check it out! We can also do R4R if u want! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Story Name: What You’ve Always Wanted
Author Name: Shronus
Style: Limelight
Completion Status: 5 (more coming, working on 6!)
CC: Yes!
General description: Her life was turned upside down in one day. Who can she ever trust again? It was until a secret mission that led her into the inevitable path of love, lust, and betrayals. [CC, LL]

Genre: Romance / drama? mainly romance tho
Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5775709003120640
Insta (follow me if u want!): @shronus.writes

Hi! Your story looks interesting! Do you wanna do R4R with me? :hugs:

Here’s my story:
Tittle: Agent 66: Born to Kill
Author: xoRoséxo
Genre: Action
Chapters: 3
Description: Agent 66 is an infamous assassin. But when a mission gone wrong, 66 kidnaps Sasha - his possible witness, and sets to discovers the truth before it’s too late.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4722588854321152
Instagram: xoroses.episode


I would like to do R4R! Let me know if you’re up for it!

Here are my story details:

Story Name: Beyond Reality
Author: Dorothy
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Description: Skye embarks on an astral adventure in a world beyond reality which holds secrets that should have stayed hidden forever. Will she manage to uncover them all before it is too late?
Read more about it and see the screenshots in this post.
Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5589680614866944
CC: No. You can occasionally change MC’s hairstyle and lipstick color.

Hello, we could do a read for read if you want :slight_smile:

But first: For a guaranteed feedback fill in the form

Title : Jungle Fever
Author : Maggy

Genre : Romance/Drama
Style : Ink
Number of episodes : 14 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : *A bad boy Prince with a lot of ego and a womanizer, gets lost in the middle of the Jungle and meets a fierce African Princess called Maya. Will he handle the change of environment ?

Of course! Do you know how to spot code? Characters and bubbles?

I have a very basic understanding of it - i did edit some of the speech bubbles in using the director help

I’d love to do a R4R :slight_smile:

Story Name: Tokyo Underground

Author Name: Southampton23

Genre: Drama

Style: Limelight

Number of Episodes: 23 (24 is the total amount)

CC: Yes! You can customise the Female MC

Description: Takuro Lee is a terrifying force not to be reckoned with. Will his world crumble apart when he is forced to work with an agent who has the answer to one of his darkest secrets? CC

Awesome! The link to my story, Losing Control, is in the original post, I’ll read your shortly! Thanks! Let me know what you think and share it with your friends if you like it!

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Will do :smile:

Hi! So I’ve read the three chapters of your story (If you could do the same for mine, that would be great :smile:)

Overall I think the story is nice. I think you just need to work on your spot directing and perhaps your use of overall directing such as advanced zooms because that would really make the story a little less static.

In the first episode when the girls go out, Max and the guy who was with him (Sorry, I forgot his name :sweat_smile:) Didn’t appear on my screen and I thought perhaps it was a glitch but they were there in the previous scenes before.

When Nora turns up to the gala in episode 2 she had a book in her hand at the end of the episode and I don’t understand why. Also, Sarah and her sister both were wearing the outfits that they went out in at school the next day.

I like how you utilised the new backgrounds and clothing items. I personally like sound in a story as it gives it a bit of life but that’s just my personal preference. Also, At the gala it looks like there are small children with parents but they are spotted too small so look unrealistic next to their huge parents.

Episode three was nice as well, The sisters were still wearing there night outfits and you didn’t need to censor the word Bitch like B**** because that kinda defeats the point. I would just say use one asterisk and have it like B*tch because the reader can clearly make out the word then.

I think that perhaps the story is a little cliche but I don’t doubt that with a little tweaking it could be literally amazing! I hope you continue it as I am enjoying it so far :smile: