R4R problems, need some advice 🤍

:innocent: Hey guys, so I have a question:

So I have done many R4Rs. My story has 3 chapters.

Usually I do 3X3 reads. I read all 3 chapters and try to send screenshots.

Others read 2 and just send me the screenshot of them being on chapter 3 and send me screenshots from chapter 1 - 2.

Ive tried avoiding the problem by asking them to send me the “you have finished all available chapters…” and they NEVER do.

I end up reading much more. Last time I read 2 and the person said wait e are doing a 2X2 ?

I read another chapter only for them to send me a screenshot from chapter.

How can I avoid these types of things from happening ( because I am bored of it ) ?

Btw thanks for the help ! :white_heart::relieved:


Just put a disclaimer that they need to take a ss of the “you have finished all available chapters” if they want you to read their story.


So, if your story is new and you only have published 3 episodes, the people who are reading your story can’t finish the third chapter. And because they can’t exit that chapter, and gets struck at “you’ve finished all chapters” the reads counter only goes two up in the portal :blush:


So If I release the 4th chapter will I get to see the people finished chapter 3 ?

I do it is just they never send the ss :white_heart:

it has happened to me way too many times, also the ghosting is a thing and when you ask them how is the r4r going they ignore you. I usually ask them for a longterm r4r, till one of us complete the story and it works (not always tho). Maybe you could also become a memeber of instagram groups, there are a few groups that the r4r requestor must send you screenshots of your story fist and then you proceed by reading their story. If there’s a problem like the one that you mentioned above, most of the times the group owner is solving it.

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You may also ask your friends if they know someone that is honest with their r4r and who ghosted them.

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They have to go into your story again and click two times (to get past the blue screen) but then, yes :blush:

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Thank you so much for the help :white_heart:

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Thank you for the help :relieved:

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