R4R Promote your story and mine

Title : Betrayed

Summary : Kelly’s mother passed away and is forced to live with her aunt. There’s a murderer in town, but who is it? There’s only one person who can protect her.

Genre : Mystery

Additional info : Full CC, only one male LI

Story cover :

Instagram : @kiwiperez26

Story link : Episode Writer Portal



I’m not sure if I did it right, honestly. But yes I’m trying to do a R4R

perfect here’s my story link and you send me yours!

  • we will read 3 episodes each
  • take screen shots to prove each episode has been read
  • if you’d like you can give feedback :)!

I love Wanting You (8 OUT NOW)! Check it out! https//bit.ly/EpisodeHere episode Episode Writer Portal

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perfect i’ll start reading now!

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I’m reading yours as well☺️

first episode was so good i liked how to the point it was. i love stories like that!

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Oh my God thanks so much. It’s the first time I’ve written an episode story. I tried my best :joy::purple_heart:

This is great so far☺️

i loved the second episode defs want to finish all 8!
want to do that instead?

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omg- did they date?!

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Let’s just say they do know each other and they go way back. Lol if there’s any issues with the outfit choices let me know and I’ll try to fix it☺️

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no stress how was my first episode? :smiling_face:🫶🏽

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I loved it. It was amazing.:smiling_face:

yay! it gets better when you read ep 2 & 3

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On episode 2 now :grin:

I already love this character lol

he’s my fav too :relieved:

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