R4R? Promote your story here. Open for r4r *r4r with gems optional*

I just published my first story, Touch Of The Moon

This is a read for a read, so you read my story and I’ll read yours! Share your opinion please!

LINK Episode Writer Portal

DESCRIPTION After going into the woods, you wake up in a mysterious place. Only to be surrounded by werewolves.

Steamy, dramatic, quick paced love story.
One LI, semi-customization

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I would love to be a part of R4R! I’ve recently published my first story, Game On

I am new to writing so it would be great if you can also share your thoughts with me :slight_smile:

Link: Episode Writer Portal


Title: Game On
Type: Romance/Comedy
#of episodes: 3
Type: Limelight

Thank you!

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Just Published my very first story!

Story Name: Androids
Genre: Romance/Mystery/Sci-Fi
Number of episodes: 3
Style: Limelight

Special Features:
:blob_hearts: Point System
:blob_hearts: Choices matter
:blob_hearts: Different Choice Branches
:blob_hearts: Multiple Art Scenes
:blob_hearts: NO GEM CHOICES (except for “Support Author” which is completely optional)
:blob_hearts: Game Style Choice (affectionate, intelligent or action)

Please check it out : Episode Writer Portal


Can we do a r4r I checked it out and it’s amazing I love it! I just made my story out so would love for someone to check it out for me

Title: Under The New Moon
Description: Evelyn, Jaslene, and their younger brother are all like their mom and dad they hate men who take she wolves for themselves. Read this story to find out what happens to these three.
Genre: It’s fantasy but has a lot of romance and most of it is Drama
Episodes out: Only three working on the episode right now after I’m done sending you this
Style: LL
there are only two love interests for the main character but siblings more


Married to a monster, you must escape his grasp on your life. After encountering an old flame that you lost to society, details of the past unravel. How will your story end?

Chapters available: 10

Link to story:


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: I’ll Make You Mine

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

dm me!

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Open to all r4r.
My story will have a total of around 2-3 books
if you are interested you can dm on Instagram @Ciat.episode

Title ~ AVERA
Genre ~ Romance, Fantasy,Drama, Aventure
Author ~ Yacine Daniela
Episodes ~ 4 (More coming soon)
Link ~ Episode Writer Portal
Style LL
Description ~ All her life Ivory believed she was suffering from a rare disease but she sees her life upside down when unexpected events come her way.

Thank you for this thread and i’m up for r4r :heart:
if you are interested in a Mystery story

Story: Hostel By The River
Genre: Mystery (Romance/Drama)
Style: Limelight
Episode: 7 (ongoing)
Description: All you wanted to start over, but everything changed in a way you never planned. you realized you were no longer safe, not anymore. something terrible is going on around you and your friends, will you be able to find it? the most important thing is
will you be able to survive?

Link to my story: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram : @red877.episode

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Thank you for this thread! I’m definitely down to doing r4r, but can’t do gems for now because of being low on them. :purple_heart:

This is my first story, so I’m still currently in the learning stage with writing.

Title: Surviving The Storms
Genre: Categories In Drama, But A Mixture Of Romance/Comedy
Description: 7 individuals, and a pet are all stuck under one roof during some chaotic storms. How will 2 sets of siblings, and strangers get along till it’s over?
Instagram: Herepisode

Aware Of: 1-3 Episodes Being Short! Making That Up With The Episodes After, No CC And Maybe Some Grammar Error.
Extra: Some Timed Choices, Choices Matters, Point Systems, Outfits/Hairstyle Choices.
I Will Definitely Send Screenshots After Each Episode I Read! :star2:

1-3 Chapters Only

Heyyy, thanks for the opportunity! I’ve published my new story and could do r4r for you!!!

Title: Macabre: The Game
Description: You are one of the contestants on a reality game show organized in a haunted palace which is known for many mysterious deaths. Will you beat death and win the game?
Genre: Horror
Instagram: @/stassythewriter

Thank youuuu :heart:

Hello and thank you for this thread!!
I am Arina and I am a new writer on episode.

My story is called : Old me can’t come to the phone.

Description: After two years of homeschooling, your parents have decided to send you back to school. It’s a great chance to get a fresh start, but it doesn’t seem to be going the way you planned.

Genre; Drama/ Romance

I would be really happy if you gave my story a chance and read it! My instagram is @ arinatheauthor

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:lotus: Thank you so much for this thread! :lotus:

Story Title: Androids

Story Genre: Sci-Fi / Romance / Mystery

Author: maevt

Story Style: Limelight

Number of Episodes: 4 (ongoing)

Description: Jane lives in the year 2056. Human-like robots (Androids) roam every city in the world. They’re everywhere. Some question if they really are here to help…

Cool Attributes! :
:llama: Multiple Endings
:lemon: Choices Matter
:llama: Limited CC
:lemon: Points System
:llama: Mini Games
:lemon: Custom Wardrobe
:llama: Art Scenes
:lemon: Advanced Directing
:llama: Custom Game-Play style (:heart: Affection or :dagger:Action or ♜Intelligent)

Story Cover (made by me):

Socials [instagram]: @maevtstories & @maevtdraws
Socials [zepeto]: @xx.maevt.xx

  • This is my very first story
  • I would absolutely love and appreciate anyone who is willing to give my story a read & review
  • Please feel welcome to give my any advice / insight / tips, etc.


Title: Bad News
Eps: 3(ongoing)
Description: Quitting your job to try something new sounds exciting…but darkness soon falls upon you, will you listen to the warning signs off Dante or will you fall into the deadly trap?
Instagram: kimberlyx.writes

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Episode Writer Portal I’m up for R4R and G4Gs

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Hi are you interested in doing a r4r with me?

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I’m open for a 6x6 r4r if interested!
Here’s my story link: Episode Writer Portal

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I started writing this story so long ago I just never got to finishing my first 3 episodes as ive just been on and off writing it or completely stopped. I would really appreciate if any one I reach gives it a read and lets me know how I can improve in future episodes or ideas for future episode I would appreciate it so much.

Title: Toxic love
Author: Noelani
Genre: Romance
Style: LL
Description: A girl with a troubled past meets the one person that should be forbidden. A Mafia boss filled with darkness, born to kill and to lead not love. But what happens when they cross.
Link: Episode Writer Portal


let me know if your interested for r4r

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Hi!! DM me here or @/kaetlanwritesstuff on insta if you want to do an r4r!

Link: Episode Writer Portal

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Hey, everyone :blush:
Thank you for this :heart:
if you are interested in a Mystery story

Story: Hostel By The River
Genre: Mystery (Romance/Drama)
Style: Limelight
Episode: 8 (ongoing)
Description: You wanted to start over, but everything changed in a way you never planned. You realized you were no longer safe, not anymore. Something terrible is going on around you and your friends. Will you be able to find it? the most important thing is, will you be able to survive?

Link to my story: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram : @red877.episode

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Please check out my story: “Rotten Core” :love_letter: :love_letter:
(I DO R4R!!!)


Following her public humiliation, Alexis is sent off to a wealthy teen academy. Though, she never expected to find herself tangled up with the school’s most infamous student.


:dvd: ig/tiktok: storiesbyleace :dvd: