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Hey! :wave: I’ve recently published a new story, Worlds Collide, and I know how tough it can be to get your story out there, for readers to enjoy! So, I wanted to open a thread for writers new/existing to promote their stories and those willing to complete R4R with other writers!

Details of Worlds Collide is below, please feel free to comment and post your own! And DM me for R4R’s and/or shout outs over on IG: Jenwhite.episode

Worlds Collide by JenWhite
Description: Worlds Collide when Luca Ramano enters your life with a BANG! There’s just one catch, you’re forced to work together… and you NEVER intended on falling in love.
Genre: Romance
No. of Episodes: 3 (ongoing) updates fornightly.
Instagram: @Jenwhite.episode
Style: LL and full CC available
Link: Worlds Collide


Dmed you?

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Awesome! Thank you :grinning:

Hi, thanks for the thread. I would love to do a R4R! :hugs:

Title : Sora: A Viking Saga [COMPLETE]
Amount of episodes : 20 (bonus episodes are still in the making)
Summary : Vikings of Sora are at war with England! Shield maiden Thora has been sent together with her brothers and secret lover to negotiate for peace. [CC & LGBTQ+]
Genre : adventure/ fantasy/ (historical) romance
Additional info : Full CC, option between male or female love interest, point system and different endings.
Story link : -
Story cover:

Instagram: @chanel.stories

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Congratulations on publishing! 🩶

Promoting my story! Unfortunately, right now I’m not able to do r4r or g4g.

My Insta: @kikimoon_stories

:fire: Story Title:
6 Elementals: The Past

:fire: Genre:
Adventure, fantasy

:fire: Description:
Finding the missing Elementals may put darkness away.
But what if the pull is too strong to resist?
What if becoming a part of it can save the team? The choice is yours. 1 LI

:fire: Published: 9 episodes (Ongoing)

:fire: Link: 6 Elementals: The Past

Cover by @/Wraith.monke

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Author: Epyjayx

Story: Wanting You🫶🏽🩷

Genre: Action, romance, psychological

Number of Episodes: 8 (ongoing)

Style: limelight

Description: When Eleanor’s father gets held captive she starts looking for him. By chance, she joins forces with her academic rival to uncover the truth, binding them in an inescapable web.


link: Episode Writer Portal

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Hi thank you for this 🫶🏽. Congratulations on publishing your story :smiling_face:

:space_invader: Title: Mission: Cyberpunk

:space_invader: Author: Ryder

:space_invader: Description: Your memories? Wiped. Adjusting to your new life has never been easier. What could happen on this strange planet?

:space_invader: Genre: Sci-Fi

:space_invader: Episodes: 7, ongoing

:space_invader: Love Interest: 2 (Female and Male Branch)

:space_invader: Choices: Yes, 2 endings & unlocking wiped memories

:space_invader: CC: Limited for Mc, Full for Li’s

:space_invader: Author’s Note: The story has one main MC, but you do play as her sister from time to time as the story takes place on both planets. There is no art scenes as I felt this story was better off with custom poses for certain scenes which is not that often; however, the poses are in their default skin tone for the LIs.

Cover done by @AVeryniNe


read4read? 🫶🏽

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Pm me☺️

Of course! If you have IG send me your username! :blush:

here it is x

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Congrats on publishing! I’m down for a r4r. Let me know if you’re interested :grin:

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Chapters: 6 (Ongoing)
Description: An immortal mage, a rebellious teen, and a vampire framed for murder. It’s only a matter of time before they realize that everywhere they go marks a trail of fear and chaos.
Link: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram: @jcwhisper.writes

Thank you :heart:

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Hey! Congrats on publishing your story :slight_smile: I’m up for r4r or g4g.
Feel free to check out my story and give me some feedback if you feel like it <3

Title: In the Heat of the Night
Genre: Mystery (Enemies to lovers)
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 4, (to be continued)

Description: Kate, an agent with a troubled past, is forced to work with her obnoxious new partner. Will she be able to handle the attraction? Be careful, not everything is what it seems.
LINK: Episode Writer Portal

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Author: Zinga

Story: Finding Bartek

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Action

Number of Episodes: 3 (ongoing)

Style: Limelight

Description: Violet’s car crash leads her to a hotel with portals. Her mission? to find the owner’s missing son in a parallel universe with her infuriatingly hot crash-mate. Will they find him?

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Thank you for the thread!! I’d be down to do a R4R with anybody! :two_hearts:

TITLE: "No Roses Without A Thorn”
Link :two_hearts:: Episode Writer Portal
Description: “Trinity lives in Detroit Michigan, a dangerous city and her goal is to make it safe. What happens when her brother’s best friend Jahmir gets closer to her and ends up in the crime?”

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Hey, free right now?

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Title : The Forest of Witches :magic_wand:
Description : You’re a notorious jewel thief, but one slip-up lands you in a world where you don’t belong and into the arms of an alluring witch. Will you find love or your way back home?
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
No. of Episodes : 6 (ongoing)
Link : [Episode Writer Portal]
(Episode Writer Portal)
Instagram : @carmie_episode

Includes Full CC and Art Scenes.

Thank you so much :blob_hearts:

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Story Title: Untamable Beast
Story Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Drama
Author Name: aziee_gabii
Story Style: Limelight
Number Of Episodes: 5 (still on going) I’m planning to have 40 to 55 episodes (the last 5 episodes is bonus scenes)
Instagram: @gabii_epstxs
Description: Her, a hybrid that became a beast. Him, The alpha’s of the all alpha’s. They both never wanted any mates… But moon goddess had different plans for them.

There will be no customization for this story, There are also no choices so it will lead to one ending only. there has no exact schedule of when i’m going to update but i’ll definitely complete it.

Story Link: Episode Writer Portal

anyone want to do r4r? 🩷