R4R, promote your story!

Lets do some R4R to find some new stories to read! Read the rules first.


  • Tell me how many episodes you would like to read. 12 is my max, as I do have 12 episodes.

  • You will read my story first, I’m tired of ghosting.

  • After you are done with reading, PM me with SS and I will start reading your story.

  • I will read every story, but be patient, it might take some time, if there are many stories before yours.

  • When I have finished with your story, I will pm you with SS.

  • If you give me feedback from my story, I will give you feedback from yours :slight_smile:

So, let’s get some reads <3

My story info:

Title: Queen of Thieves
Author: Ninsq
Episodes: 12
Style: INK
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Description: Join Rhea and her friends for this magical journey across the land. Can you handle all the love, friendship and betrayal while trying to find out where you truly come from?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5388555728388096


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