R4R: Read for Read

Hello! If you are looking forward for r4r then this is the right place.
I would be more than happy to do r4r with you BUT I HAVE SOME RULES and these rules are made so NO ONE GHOSTS ME

How do I start r4r with you?

  1. There are certain rules, read them carefully and if you agree to all of them then I’m ready to do r4r with you.
  2. After reading the rules fill the form (yes please filling the form keeps the r4r list organised)
  3. Then yes you are done.


  1. If you are interested in r4r then comment down your story name in the comment section.
  2. Then fill the form
  3. You have to read my story first (yes because I don’t want any ghosting games)
  4. I assure you that I won’t ghost you
  5. You have to send me the screenshots from my story as a proof that you have read my story (DM me the screenshots in forums or dm me in Instagram) DON’T SEND SCREENSHOTS IN THE COMMENTS
  6. Once I receive the screenshots from you I’ll start reading your story and yes I will send you screenshots too as proof.

Please fill the form only if you agree to my rules.

:small_orange_diamond:My story is under revamp but I have to keep it on hold because of some reasons but still the story is read- able.
:small_orange_diamond:I’ll read the stories according to my list.
:small_orange_diamond: You are free to ask me if I made progress in reading your story i.e., you are free to ask for updates about your story.
:small_orange_diamond: But messaging non stop to read your story isn’t allowed, please it’s really annoying.
:small_orange_diamond:If in case I have some emergency in my personal life I’ll contact you to update it.
:small_orange_diamond: So there will be no problem from my side unless you cooperate.
:small_orange_diamond:If you want to give me any feedback about my story then you are more than welcome but please don’t be rude.
:small_orange_diamond:The directing of the story gets better as the story proceeds (will be corrected in the revamp)

Details about my story:

Story name: New turn

Author name in episode app: Preeti

Number of chapters: 9 (more coming soon)

Style: Limelight

Genre: Drama

Description: It’s almost the end of your final semester / year of EBI training (of course you are excited for it)but your Mom is upto something. Does that mean a New Turn in your life???

Story link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5655051450515456

My Instagram: episode_preeti
My Instagram link: https://instagram.com/episode_preeti?igshid=150dnjur9830n

My story covers:

Some more details:
I’m more available on my Instagram so it will be easier if you send me the screenshots there
But still if you don’t have Instagram you can send me the screenshots on forums dm (forums private message)

R4r form:

You are free to dm me if you have any questions😌

Thank you!


Reveal: I’m Royal?

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Still open?

If your still open I’m down
Title Secrets

Author Your._.girl. _.kay

Chapters Three more coming soon!

Genre Drama/Romance

Style Limelight

Description Kaylee Smith is a goody two shoes that doesn’t trust most.What happens when she finds out most of her life was a lie and everyone she trusted was keeping secrets from her?

Link http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4833837780762624


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Title: LDR: Showstopper
Description: An international pop star, you never expected to love with a retail salesman. You are finally feeling this love you’ve been writing about your whole life. CC, LL, choices matter.
Genre: Romance

Hi, if you’re still interested, here’s my story:

Title: Saivoaimo
Author: P D Anderson
IG: @starliteoversuomi
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 7 (more to come)
Style: Limelight
Description: Vilja is intrigued as she meets Arkin, a young man with a dark secret. But going with him has a price: Outworldly forces are already on their trail and time is running out…

Heyyy! :hugs:
Would you like to read mine? :blush:
Dm me if you’re interested for a r4r ! :heart:
My Instagram: @aa_writes_episode
5157751736df4763750fbe9396e106b920180532_2_297x500 7ee5f3831cf8d18b90dfa92681a4fc408394791f_2_281x500

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6653573891555328