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Hi everyone!

I recently published my story “Hollywood Dreams”, and would really appreacite some support in the form of reviews, advice, promotion/shoutouts, etc.

I’m open to R4R, just send me a screenshot of the completed chapter/s for my story, along with your story link. If you’d also like some assistance/support with your story, I’m more than happy to help in any way that I can.

Story details:
Title: Hollywood Dreams
Genre: Drama/Romance
CC: MC and LI
Style: Limelight
Description: You leave your hometown to follow your partner to Hollywood, the land of dreams, where fame, lust and betrayal wait for you at every corner.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6551039647219712

I will appreciate any feedback given.
Thank you! x


I will read your story and send the review

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Thanks, I look forward to it! :blush:

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Will check it out.

After reading the first chapter, it’s been pretty good so far. :slight_smile:

Hey! I would like to do R4R with you. I always send ss from Chapters at the end.
Here are some details about my story:

Title of your Story: The Fate of Fire
Author Name: AdyElly
Genre : Drama (drama-romance-mystery story)
Chapters : 9 (ongoing)
Description : Once a flame, now a fire.
One moment of chaos leads to a lifetime of lies.
Mal takes a new identity to uncover her past but crosses paths with a hot mysterious stranger…
Small Cover :


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Here is your review :grinning:

  • You should change it to customize.

  • I personally don’t like how these words look because they look unflattering so I think you should more fancy or more appealing,

  • When i click on choose more lip colors it doesn’t actually go to it.

  • When the MC enters this scene she slides.

  • The car overlays looks blurry when the love interest is getting the bags out of the car and the inside of the car is shown.

  • I think you are supposed to block out the cuss words or inappropriate words (Like the pus word)

*In this scene when Jade is drinking the drink overlay doesn’t show up.

Episode 2 and 3

  • When Jades pictures are on the computer in the photo shoot scene, her picture looks too stretched out.

  • When everyone goes to the bar again, There are a lot of mistakes.

  • In the bar scene, there are a lot of pauses in between dialogues.

  • At the bar scene when people are talking there are no talking animations.

  • When Lia drinks at the bar the drink overlay blacks out.

  • The words don’t line up correctly. Maybe that’s just my opinion.

  • The scene when MC tells her parents that she was moving to LA happened very quickly.
    I would have liked to see the MC and the Love interest hang out more, explore or see more about the MC’s life before that scene happened.

  • I like where this story is going but it seems kind of rushed. It would be good if you showed more scenes. Like for example, you should show the MC packing and driving to LA with the Love interest and also show how the parents react to her getting in the car with the Love interest to go to LA instead of them just arriving there in the second episode.

  • I wonder if Zane is based off of the real singer Zayne.

  • At the beginning you asked what people’s gender preferences were and this contradicts with there being a lot of love interest genders in the story (like Saffron and Zane) I’m not sure if these are actually love interests but if they are, you should tell people that there is going to be different gender love interests.

  • I really loved the animation where a character types Jade into the computer because it looked really cool. I didn’t screenshot it in time but it’s in this scene.

  • Wow! The camera overlay and the minigame for the photoshoot was really cool. I just wish that we could have seen Jade do the poses before we chose which pose to pick because we could have seen which one looked better.

  • I really loved that you added the scene in the screenshot below.

  • I think you should show the MC asking the dares and the person getting up to do it. The scenes end abruptly after the person finishes doing the dares. You should fix this by letting people react to how the dares were done and the person who did the dare, walking back to the table. Another suggestion is not let Zane and Rocco have the same dare (which was dance on Lia) because it is repetitive.

  • Sometimes overlays appear and reappear, like when Zane is sitting at the table with MC in episode one and other times throughout the episodes.

  • A lot of the times, characters don’t have talking animations or they have animations that are just movements when they should be talking.

  • When they said that they haven’t seen Rachel in a long time, it reminded me of the game Life is strange. probably because of how I made my character look

Overall I like where this story is going so far and it’s really cool.


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hey if you’re up for a r4r here is my story!

would you like to do a r4r?

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Sure! I’m starting right away.

Thank you so much for your helpful feedback, it’s exactly what I needed.

I’m from England and use UK English, hence the spelling.

Thank you. This is a known glitch that I have filed a ticket for.

I’m not sure why this is happening, I’ve tested these chapters on two different devices and haven’t had this issue and neither of my testers mentioned it. May I ask what device you used?

I understand what you mean. In the initial ink version of this story, it was a lot more slow paced but I decided to speed up these parts only because I have added regular flashbacks which give a deeper insight on the MC’s life and relationships before she moved. The POV changes throughout the story also, the MCs parents are included in this.

:laughing: If I remember correctly, I was inspired by the name but nothing more.

The only LI is Spencer/Rachel. Any relationship points given for other characters are for friendship. I will definitely make this clearer for readers. (Zane and Saffron are just very flirty characters) :wink:

I like this idea!

I love this game I just discovered it a few months ago and wow!
This scene was written way before I knew about the game, but that’s really cool.

Again, thank you so much. :sparkling_heart:

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You’re welcome :smiley: and i spelled Zayn wrong :joy:
I think i have a Samsung Galaxy.

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I’d love to do r4r and give constructive feedback!

Title: Blackbird
Author: Licorice
Genre: Action
Summary: Being her personal assistant isn’t the only thing Chase’s new boss has in mind for him. Secrets of the underworld begin to unveil, and not everything is exactly as it seems. (Male & female MC, point system, impactful choices)
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 4 (more coming soon)

Link: https://bit.ly/365yrLB
Instagram: @licorice.writes

Hey💜! Im interested in a r4r
Fill this form out so I won’t forget or lose your story
Instagram: @clove.write
Story Name:Lovely Betrayal
Author: Clove
Chapters Released: 16
Style: LL
Genre: drama
Description : After the brutal murder of their parents, Sophia and her sister try to start a new life. She meets a handsome, arrogant stranger. Will S resist his charms or fall into temptation?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5661609710911488

Cover :

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Still taking r4r/s4s requests :slight_smile:

Hey, are you doing reviews?

Hey, I’m interested in a read for read.

Name: Just Give Me 24 hours
Genre: Romance/ Limelight
Description: What If I told you I could get you to fall in love with me in just 24 hours?
Episodes: 6/finished.
LINK: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6594602048094208


story title You are my sunshine (limelight)
Author name -Faith Rose
Story Description Nick, a boy who used to have childhood cancer was a homeschool student. Samantha who has a learning disability what happens when they become each other Sunshine?
Number of chapters I have 11 chapters for limelight
Cover- IMG_20191224_210738_550
Link- http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6690020900798464

I recommend stories she’s knows best by @BEEBS07 and A century heartbreak by @samantha_episode_1


Great! I’m starting now :slight_smile:

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I’m afraid not. I can have a read of your story and share my thoughts/give you some advice, but I have no experience with story reviews.

Hey :slight_smile: Send screenshots when you’re done and I’ll start reading asap.

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