R4R - screenshot proof! (CLOSED)


Sure! I’d love to do with you R4R!:hugs:
As soon as you’ll sent screnshots I’ll start reading yours.


Thank you so much :blush:. This is why is love writing esspecially with episode. You can bring te story to life. :kissing_heart:.



I would love to fo r4r with you :slight_smile:
I’ll send you the screenshot when I’m done!

Here’s mine:

Story Name: Friends & Lovers (yeah not very creative but I’ve never been good with titles)
Author: Mia_Cee
No. of Chapters: 4 (It’s ongoing)
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama
Description: Getting through HS is never easy, especially when you’re known as LOSER LEXIE. Can it all change senior year? Will she choose BFF Jamie or soccer god Blake? Customize CCs INK - I’ve always wanted to do an HS story a la Gossip Girl soooo…
Warning: Strong Language and some Mature Themes
Notes: Full Character Customization for all leads
Some choices may affect the storyline, but only by a little, since the main plot will stay the same
Most Choices decide how the characters react
Kinda like reading a book


Hi. As soon as you’ll send screenshot of my story I’ll start reading yours too. Thanks!:hugs:


Hi AdyElly,

Here’s my progress so far!
I’m planning to finish all six in a bit :slight_smile:


Hi! I would love to do r4r with you!
I’ll send you screenshots as soon as I’m finish reading you story.
Here is my story details:

Story: Spa Rebound
Author: Paula_r.o.
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Chapters: 11 (ongoing)
Description: Andy is a masseuse with a dream to open her own Spa Resort. But her new business partner turns out to be quite a challenge. Will he be able to resist her or will he become her worst nightmare?



Hello! I’m interested in doing R4R with you. :hugs:

Story Name: Rewinded Life.

Author Name: Lia Lopez.

What would you do if a galactic being gives you the power to go back in time, and change the outcome of events that were out of your control?

Fantasy, comedy, romance and slice of life.

Completion status:
8 episodes. (Working on chapter 9 - ongoing)

My instagram: lia_lopez_episode



:hugs: Done.

This scene is repeated twice. :open_mouth:



Hi I’d be very happy to do r4r with you, I will send screenshot to you when I finished, my story called
Author Jojo
Genre mystery
Style ink
Description Already struggling with her past, Rose falls into some more drama romance, mystery, what adventure and heartbreak will she face next?
This is the link to my story http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5164972039208960


Title: The #MeMeMe Generation
Author: Lissia A.
Genre: Drama/Action
Style: Ink
Description: When heartbroken Arlene finds out about being fatally ill meanwhile her criminal lover sabotages her, she decides to take her life under control by breaking the law.

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5457799657684992
Instagram: @lissia.author


Hill I’ve read all 6 chapters of yours, hope you will send me the screenshot when you finished :blush:btw great directing!


Thank You very much. I’ll start soon your story. I’m traveling right now, but in 2-3 hours I’ll be home and I’ll start Reading yours.


Home LiaLopez. That is a Bug and that’s why You save twice that scene.
I’ll start as soon as possible Reading your story and I’ll sent You a screenshot.


Hi Kuen. Thank You very much! I’ll start your story as soon as possible and I’ll sent You a screenshot with the proof.


I’d Like to do R4R with You. As soon as you’ll sent me a screenshot I’ll start Reading your story too.


Hi. As soon as you’ll sent me a screenshot with my story, I’ll start Reading yours. Thanks!


Thank you! :hugs:




Done :slight_smile:


I like your story! All 4 chapters done! :hugs: