R4r story who is up?

Hi loves
I’m a new writer
I just uploaded my new story fre hours ago
I know I’m not perfect yet but can you please check out my story

My IG name is toriepi.writer


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: she

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This is the link to my story

Drop yours
Make sure you send SS here or



i’ll most definitely check it out!!!

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Who made your cover?

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I did it myself

Okay thank you :pray:

You drew itt?

A friend of mine drew it for me on WhatsApp
I edited it myself


Okay I’m gonna read yours now

I’d love to check out your story. 3x3 chapters. I’ll send screenshots here.

OM: The Moon’s Kin
By: lanafrazer_epsidoe
Instagram: lanafrazer.episode
Genre: Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Adventure, Action
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 1-4 (On-going)
Description: Displaced by war, and adopted by new kin, his identity must stay hidden lest his enemies track him down. With the help of a noble, and his peers. Will they succeed? (Male MC/LGBTQ)

Link: Episode Writer Portal


  • 1 Male MC
  • 1 Male LI
  • Advanced Directing
  • Music & Sound
  • Mini-games
  • Diversity
  • 1 Ending
  • LGBTQ+ Themes
  • Mature Themes

Will NOT contain:

  • CC/Limited CC
  • Art Scenes
  • Gem Choices
  • Point System
  • Choices
  • Custom Poses

Note: All of my stories will have no interactivity and will be a visual story.

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Read yours and I sent proof for you

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Going to read yours now

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Currently at work and will send screenshots here soon. You don’t have to DM me screenshots when you’re done, you can send it here if you want. Added to my favs until I get home. :+1:t3:

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Okay thanks I’m in episode 2 of your story
Love your story btw

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No problem! And thanks! Can’t wait to read yours! :grin:

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Just finished reading yours
It’s amazing and interesting

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Thanks, I’ll get started on yours soon.

Reading yours now.

Complete. :blush:

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Hi wanna do r4r and g4g?