R4R Thread 2020 are open 🥰 Breaking Boundaries


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Breaking Boundaries is now featured October’s editor picks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Chocola @rachelonepisode
did do want to do it on here or on the IG?

Sorry for the late reply been busy

It’s fine! Either or.

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I finished yours @Chocola
I love the storyline in last scene in episode 5 were funny to me :joy: Ryan is so serious I love it
Especially love the scene when maria asked what’s our plans for today and he didn’t think of none. :joy::joy::joy: You didn’t? It was funny


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Hello hello!
I’m happy you liked it! And yeah, I found it funny too! :joy:

Got so much stories to read that I complitemy forgot yours, I’m so sorry… I will read yours later today, I promise!