R4R: To The Grave : Vampire Romance

OMG I WOULD LOVE TO DO AN R4R! (mafia stories are my favorite :joy:) Let me know where you’d like me to send the screenshots as well as how many episodes you’d like me to read (even though i’ll probably read them all :joy:)

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Haha I’m glad to hear that! I have 7 chapters published. How many chapters do you have published? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We can send screenshots through private message if that’s ok with you!

Hey there! :grin:

I am looking forward to doing a R4R and checking out some new stories!!
I currently only have one story out that was just recently released.

Title: Night of the Blood Moon
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Drama
Episodes: There are four episodes released but I have 8 completed. I plan to release the next two after the first of December.
Description: Lies, family secrets, and Werewolves. What happens when Samara is swept into a world of supernatural creatures? Will she manage to make it out of this human, or die trying?

There is art scenes and full CC for the main character and the love interest!

Link to my story: Night of the Blood Moon

I hope you guys enjoy!
Instagram: luna.episode.xox