R4R Villain by RJL

I would like to do an r4r to get my story out there
Please read the end of this post for the description…
I spend a lot of time on my story
Even though it is my first story I’ve worked hard to make sure that the directing is smooth and the episodes are a decent length
I wrote my story in a trilogy book and decided to create an episode
LGBTQ+ and CC customize LI

TITLE: Villain
Author : RJL
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5906949801836544
Current Cover :

NEW COVER : Proud to announce my new cover

Description :
You are an illegal Hybrid in an academy full of Sirens. You are known for your striking beauty and unnatural power. As being part of a race that is hated, you kill, seduce, and lie for the greater good of your sisters. Does that make you evil or the hero?

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