R4R: Whithdrawn mates

Hey guys! :wave:
I am looking to someone to do a read for read with me!
The “rules” I set are simple:

  • Follow each other on insta
  • Read each others story
  • Show proof

My story:
Name: Withdrawn mates
Genre: Drama
Description: Kayla through an accident, discovers she is now a vampire. She ends up, meeting her mate while she’s married to a billionaire James Hart. Does true love win?
Chapters: 5 atm
Insta : lexie_writesss
This is all
Byeeeee :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Me me me, pick me :sweat_smile: my IG @episode.merlin

Im up do r4r and g4g if you want
Whats your IG?

I would love to do r4r. can I send screenshots on insta? mine is line123462

Title: the cursed prince.
Description: Prince Valor is cursed to hear the whisper of evil. That is until a street singer silences the voices, but will she be his solution or his undoing?

Other: CC, mini-games. diversity. cheap gem choices there are not essential to the plot but interesting anyway. especially recommend the first gem choice in Chapter 2.

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Small cover art credit to @lyne.digitart