R4R with gems 💎 for better reach [CLOSED]


Alright here are the proofs :sleepy: I did it 3 days ago btw :sneezing_face:

Also I saw that episode 4 is with Early Acess and I didnt have enough gems to pay it so I simply re-read the first chapter and payed the support choice from it.

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And I thought my portal hates me :see_no_evil:

Thankyou :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Mine has been doing that too!

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I’d love to make read 4 read with you with 10 gems If you can❤️ I have support auother choice with 5 gems so you can support 2 times , we can make r4r (3x3)

Here’s my story…

Title: Lies!

Genre: Drama

Author: Maria

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6205329372282880

Episodes: 5

Description: She lost her brother which caused her to lead a miserable life. And it definitely didn’t help that her father started acting strange after his death.

Style: LL


•My ig: storiesbym_

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Thankyou for showing interest but I’m not getting free time these days, I may not be able to read your story :frowning_face:

Hello! I’d be interested in potentially doing this! It doesn’t really matter when it happens, just something to think about! I’m willing to spend a lot of gems for gems, the amount is up to you! DM me if you’d be at all interested!

My story is R&R: Outta Luck, gem choices currently are 5 gems for points (or of course the usual skipping ads for 5 gems that goes towards writers!).

I too am low on free time currently, but whatever you can do, I can :slight_smile:

I might get some time in a few months though if you want to wait till then.

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Bump it can’t close yet