R4R with my LDR story (I read all kinds of stories.)

Just finished reading and I enjoyed it! I love the whole idea of the moon being in an LDR with the sun and it’s so wholesome when he talks to the sun

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Here’s my story!

Name: LDR: The Boy In Yellow
In Paris… Everything can happen , including a romantic meeting with a mysterious boy in yellow… The universe knows you will meet again… | CC


Instagram: @episode.nohar

I would be interested in a R4R!

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Thank you!!!

Thank you I’ll add you to the list :kissing_heart:

Hey, just wondering when you are going to read my story for our r4r :blush:

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I think tomorrow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I can do a r4r :))

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Great! I’ll add you to my list :kissing_heart:

Okay, that’s great! :grin:

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