Rachie’s Art Thread! (Closed for Now)

Welcome to, Rachie’s Art Thread. My name is Rache and I’ll be taking your requests for any sorts of kind. I do different kinds of edits and some of them are limited. The reason why I made this thread, is to show the community that I’m fully aware of helping you guys out for your stories and etc and Thank you again for visiting this thread. :upside_down_face:

Let’s set some rules, Shall we?

First things first,

• Do Not Rush The Artist. This should be every rule on every thread. Mainly because, us Artist take our time to make a beautiful piece of artwork that you requested and as in fact, Free!

Another thing is,

• Show some respect and manners. Every Artist should gain respect for their art. There will be no Threating, Negativity, Rudeness either on my Thread.
Or you will not be able to request from here ever again.

Next, is something that Is very important to this thread.

• No cluttering or either filling up this thread with madness. It isn’t good for the society and for me. I wouldn’t want this thread to be closed from nonsense and madness! :rage:


• They’ve been some Thieves Lurking around on the forums stealing out work. If you don’t like the watermarks please Private Message me. Because it’s a sign of crediting on this thread! Make sure to Credit me for Splashes, Covers and etc. @Dream.writx

Here our my Examples and what I work with best!



Profile Pictures

I will be accepting five requests per a week!

  1. @Dee.11 (Cover)



Authors name:
Character(s) details:
What size:
Background description:



Character details or pic:
What does it say:
Theme (Dark, Pink etc.)

Profile Pictures


Character details or picture:
Any theme?:


This is amazing!
Do you do LL as well

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I haven’t got into LL yet, hey I’d give it a try. :grin:

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Can I request a large cover? :grin:

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Yes, you can! :blush:

Alright, I’m sending in the details now for some splashes

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Okay, :blush:

Oh everyone is still time, :partying_face:
Can I request?

You sure can! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tittle: The Only Exception
Author: Victoria black
Drawn please*

Character one:
Skin: taupe
Hair: modern pompadour
Hair colour: blackkk
Face shape: diamond
Eyes: gentle almond
Eye colour: green
Lips: uneven
Lip colour: taupe
Eyebrow: thick arch
Outfit: I don’t really know the clothing but can I have him wearing a henly black shirt, black biker jacket, ripped black jeans, and I don’t think shoes matter because I would only like the upper half to be seen

Character 2:
Face shape: oval
Skin: rosewood
Hair: rebel half shaved
Hair colour: Black
Eyes: upturned feline
Eye colour: black
Nose: upturned
Mouth: full round
Lip colour: crimson
Eyebrow: mature round
Outfit: black leather jacket, red tank top, black shorts, fishnets, black boots (the shoes don’t really matter)

Can I have the pose both of them doing the animation : talk_apathetic but like the male facing left And the female facing right so they’re like back to back?

Thank you!

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I’ll get right to it! :upside_down_face:

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Thank you! Take all the time you need :v:t5::crazy_face:

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Desperate for this :yum:

Form: Cover (420x580)

Title: T & S: The Unspoken Tale

Author: Rain W.


Character Details:


Outfit: Tf supposed to be here?

Size: I specifically see I put it on top. (Obvious)

This all feels like things we say when it’s supposed to be drawn


Idk anymore

Damn it, forgot to ask if she does edited LL covers :worried:

Do you want to use the same characters and what positions do you need them to be in?

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Wait I’mma list there names.

I forgot, What type of Background would you like? :thinking:

Here’s Sophie:
Oh NUU, I deleted her picture so here

This is for the position of were the characters should be

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Okay, I’ll see what I can do.

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Lol, you mean can.