Racial representation in entertainment industry. Opinion for discussion

So at least for the past week I witnessed, and was a part of many different conversations in several threads on forum, that touched race subject, and especially POC representation in Episode stories. This thread isn’t just about Episode, but about entertainment industry as a whole.
NOTE: This thread is about entertainment only, not about social aspects, politics or other subjects.

I want to share my opinion, that I formed in a discussion with a friend. And while I’m very certain in it, I’m open for a discussion, and want to hear counter opinions, that might change my opinion, as well as supporting ones, if you think the same.

Please, be civilized, respectful, don’t call names, and speak in general, without picking on someone personally.

My thought goes like this.
I have a theory that if u want your race to be included in movies, or other entertainment fields it means that you are racist. Racists in my opinion are people who care about the race so much, so that it becomes a problem for them. Like, there are more white people in the world, than black, so it is naturally that they are represented more, especially considering the fact, that Europe and America ( with approx. 12-13% of black community in US) create most of the entertainment content for US and Europe accordingly. I won’t speak about Asians, because I never heard them touching this subject, so I can’t really tell.
So back to what I was saying. When I watch a movie, or TV series, or read episode - I don’t focus on character being white or black or Asian or whatever, I focus on his personality, his goals, dreams, how the character is related to me, if the character is interesting to observe. So to me, all these folks complaining about their representation are the biggest racists. Just because they care about the race so much.
I watched a ton of movies, TV series, I’m reading Episode stories for more than 4 years, and to me it doesn’t matter, if he/she is black, white, Asian, Hispanic or an alien. I focus on his/her personality, so race or nationality doesn’t matter to me. While writing this, I remembered how I was doing the review on one story where the MC is the black girl, without customization. I noted how I feel related to her, because of her actions, decisions and opinions, not because of her skin color.

What can you say about this?


I really resonate with this. How about some casts where all your characters aren’t even human? How does anyone relate to them if we’re all human, but the cast is all robots?? LOL

Or even animals, like in Zootopia. Did anyone not like that movie because the cast was a bunny and a fox? Doubt it. lol



Tots. Good examples.

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I’m probably going to get a lot of shit coming at me for saying this, but…

The victim mentality of some people amazes me.

Like no, it isn’t always about your race. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Stop unnecessarily victimizing yourselves.


A can agree. I meet this mentality in other topics as well, like women portraying themselves as victims for example.

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I disagree with some of your points. Yes, there are more white people in the world, but there are still enough people of colour in the world to act in movies. They need someone to relate to, someone that can represent them. I understand that you can relate to them because of their actions or decisions, but being the same skin colour, especially of a darker skin colour, people are constantly being discriminated against. They think the same way because of the way they are being treated, if that makes any sense?


It does. I kinda get ur way of thinking.
And I guess I understand that (especially in US) POC have a lot of problems with social aspects in regards to their race, but we need to distinguish social aspects and entertainment. I think so at least.

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In what context?

Pink taxes. Just one random example.

In all honesty, I do see people going as far as saying certain hairstyles are an African/African-American thing, so every person who isn’t is either mocking them and being racist or stealing their culture. Some people do victimize themselves and go too far.


Cultural appropriation. One of my favourite subjects. People act like culture that was created by their ancestors can’t be used by other nationalities/races, like it’s their personal creation. Culture is great because it unites people in longing for beautiful and creative. What’s wrong with that?

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No, you’re absolutely right. There is a serious victim complex people put on themselves. It is really sad to me, because like, to be a victim in America, you’re indirectly admitting that you aren’t good enough compared to other people and you need special treatment in order to be equal to other people. It hurts my soul, honestly.

I haven’t talked about this yet. I’m kinda understanding both sides of the argument when the arguments are genuine. However, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking another culture so much and wanting to embrace it because you like it and whatnot and wearing it like a cheongsam for example. They’re elegant and pretty and when more people wear this stuff, the more money is put into the products so its good for economy, too ^^


I just want to start by saying a racist is someone who believes that their race is superior than all others, not someone who is black and watches TV and sees images of non-black people for years portrayed on TV and can’t relate to them because they don’t know what it’s like to be black.

Regardless of your race or whatever, you should be able to watch televison and see people of all shapes and color on TV. Just like a woman with curves would like to see a curvy Victoria Secret model walk the runway. In my opinion it seems like because you don’t agree with how some people like to see others represent their community, you are the one with the problem.

There are many people, Asians, Muslims, gays who complain about how there aren’t enough representation in the media for them to relate to. It’s important for people to know that yes, there are people out there who look like them who can make it. Regardless if it is acting or signing or any other famous position. No one is saying seeing white people on TV is bad, people have just been seeing it for too long and now that there is a diverse community of people out there everyone would like to see that. I happen to think it is important for a gay man to be portrayed on television because it shows other gay men that whatever or whoever they are watching supports them and that they are not alone.

It doesn’t show a “victim mentality.” I’m not even sure how wanting to see someone of color on TV even registers as that, but it shows how little most people know about the portrayal of minorities on TV. There is a history of how black people are portrayed in the media as well as minorities as a whole usually just being the token black guy or the gay best friend. They deserve more than just being a trophy. Put some darksinned girls on TV. Stop portraying middle eastern characters as terrorist or gay characters as flamboyant. Not everyone is like that and not everyone is just white. Good for you for seeing past race although a persons race is important as it’s a part of who they are and with racial tensions in America it definitely plays a role. But that’s just my opinion.


I get what you’re saying. But I think that all these people categories you mentioned are represented in entertainment. Proportionally with their, let’s say demographics percentage in the society. If I would live in Africa, I wouldn’t complain that there are not enough white characters on African TV or something.
If there would be no black, Hispanic, Asian, gay or whatever people represented in the entertainment - I would totally get the backlash. But they are.
Lately I often see some movie coming out, and people picking on it “oh, it doesn’t have enough black characters”. If there are main black characters “oh but there are not gay characters” and the list goes on. You can’t please everyone, and people just go and pick on everything that see.
That was mainly my point.


I never said they weren’t portrayed in media. I literally said that they were portrayed as trophies. If that’s what you call being represented, then it shows how little you know about the portrayal of minorities in media. Minorities aren’t a trophy. They aren’t characters to just add to a TV show or movie just to win over the community. This is why maybe you need to see race because you’re missing this.

If you lived in Africa you wouldn’t complain about how their weren’t enough white characters on TV because there are white people in Africa and you obviously don’t know much about the programming there. But regardless of that fact, we aren’t in Africa. We are in one of the most diverse places in the world which is MY point. What I’m understanding is that because you think there are only black people in Africa they wouldn’t complain about white people being on TV. Okay, let’s entertain that thought for a second. If that’s the case then we should be complaining about how there isn’t other minorities like Native Americans portrayed on television since they do live in America.

Your point is that minorities should be grateful that they are even represented on TV even if it is just as a trophy? Got it. Just because you heard a few black people speak their thoughts on a movie, doesn’t mean they represent the whole community. No, you can’t please everyone. But a movie has extras for a reason.


No, I actually meant movies with black actors portraying black characters. I just said that it’s weird to me that someone always complains about every movie where MC is not black.
Thing about trophies is your thought, I didn’t say it and didn’t mean it, so don’t put your assumptions into my mouth please.

We are not shown as much in the media. That’s the truth. When have you ever seen a lot of shows with Muslim main characters, Aboriginals, Jewish main characters, etc? I agree.


What is enough in your opinion? There are below 7 millions Jews in the world, far more less aboriginals. It’s just not proportionate with the world demographics.

What are you saying? :thinking: Just because we are a lesser number, we shouldn’t be shown? And I think Enough in my opinion means a fair amount.


No. I said that because there are certain groups, that have a smaller quantity, they won’t be shown just as much. Not that they are not shown at all. I saw movies about jews, black, asians, gays and other people. They are represented. But again. We are talking about entertainment industry. Of course people tend to watch things that are more related to them, it is natural. So industry just works for consumer interests.
Or for politics, like lately…