Racism + CC in Episodes

I was reading an episode and right at the beginning, the author went on a big rant about cc and how it’s not racist to not include it ( which I agree with). She just went on and on, and got really defensive about it.

I assume that people were complaining, but idk y but she just came off as really aggressive and defensive and it just made me not want to read the story.

I was just wondering if I’m the only one that gets annoyed by things like this. I really can’t put my finger on what annoyed me, but I just did the biggest eye roll and just clicked out.


I’m confused to what you mean
Can you give more details? :thinking:


I’m a bit slow :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


yeah that would make me not wanna read too

I do get why she would say it though a lot of people can be really rude about not haveing CC, I discontinuied my first story because people kept complaing over no CC, that was when it was new and awsome. so now I dont dare put out a story without CC

I just wonder why would she feel the need to rant like that, if you dont want CC in your story dont add it, but if you dont add it I feel like the look need to be importent for the story, or you know art scenes and body overlays and such


Oh that makes sense I was really confused…

Yeah I understand if it was about a specific Character or something
Or to match scenes
But I don’t find no cc bad :sweat_smile:
But yeah people are so mean when it comes to that
But next time maybe she should rant on the forums or insta?

Srry if I sounded rude…


It depends for me

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Yh, I get what ur saying and i understand why authors find people complaining about cc annoying but I think it just caught me off guard that the first thing I read when opening up the story is the author complaining. I was just like eewww lol


what’s the story?

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The problem is that some authors completely white wash their stories and include no diversity at all. It’s one thing to not offer CC, especially when there’s art scenes, custom overlays and such like @line123462 said, but some authors only add diversity when it’s pointed out to them, and they’re called racist. Then they go on the defensive.
It’s kinda like when authors make almost all their characters have blue eyes, even when they have dark skin or dark hair. While it does happen (blue eyes with dark skin and or dark hair) blue eyes are a recessive gene and not as common as what’s portrayed on Episode.


To be human


I…don’t know why it’s being racist…

I hate so much when they give black people blue eyes.

Personally I mean diviersity dosent make a good story. A complete white cats can still be an amazing story many movies are that. But still on a place like episode I do feel like having no or very little diversity is a bit wrong. Personally not just for diviersity it self but the fact evry cheaters would look the same then.


Ive seen those before but thats after too many people complained and I guess she just had enough

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I really don’t mine on having a full CC or limited CC, or no CC to be frank.
You can mention on the ethnicity background of the characters, or you can mention as to why you limit or remove CC of the characters.
Maybe the author had a bad experience; maybe the readers had commented negatively on this matter, and the author is simply defending their choice.
I do agree that it does confuse readers who don’t have any opinion on this…


So I just looked it didn’t seem like a rant. You got the choice if you wanted to know why or not. And she does make a fair point.

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I dont think its just white washing, Ive read stories where throughout the whole thing there was one maybe 2 white characters. I am not trying to cause a debate I am just stating I dont think its fair on either end of the spectrum to exclude different races.
As far as the CC being racist goes. If I wasnt allowed CC and the MC wasnt my race it never stopped me from reading the story but I know how it urks other readers
The only time I think its allowed is if the scene entails it, like historically or culturally.


One or two characters is one thing. I’ve read stories where all characters, even background characters are all cis-het white. I’m not talking 2 characters. I’m talking 20+ characters.


I know I am just saying where I’ve seen the same scenario being reversed

Personally I just think that it’s sad that people have to worry about what to do with CC or not. If you put it cool but it’s fine if you don’t too I can’t say I’ve ever let CC or lack of it cause me to not read a story :woman_shrugging:


While I love to customize, in no way is it racist to not have CC characters in the story. I don’t know how difficult it is to add said feature.

Some people really need to learn to relax a bit.


I think the author always need to add CC… Either full CC or limited. I believe that the skin color of the MC and LI is the most crucial feature of the characters, that needs to be customizable.
I mean, just give a warning that it won’t match with art scenes and overlays if you change it.

I like to CC my characters even if it’s limited. I’m a light skin girl myself, and even though I know, I’m not the MC, I like to have both my MC and LI with a brown skin complexion.

Long story short.

Let the reader CHOOSE