Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, etc


i put something like this on my instagram.

“Ignorant people make me so sad. The thought of anyone hurting my little brother for being gay hurts me so much. We are all the same on the inside. We all have skeletons, organs and skin. Our different personalities and traits are so amazing and special because it’s what makes us stand out. Anyone who can not accept that we are different shouldn’t have the time of our day. We all need to support each other because if everyone hated people who were different, no one would have a friend.”

I’ve seen soooo many ignorant, small minded, self absorbed, horrible people not only in this community, but in the world in general. I’m lucky because my family is so accepting, my little brother is gay, my cousin is also gay, I have a transgender auntie, my Momma was white, my Dad is black, so I am light skin along with my twin brother. My older brother is black and my little brother is white. I have a very accepting family and I am so happy for that.

I think the moment I started to really realise how awful people are is when my gay brother attempted to end his life after being bullied in school. (i am writing a story that talks about this) which is why we moved away. We now go to school where the people are so much nicer, and my brother is happy. One day I got so angry at one of his bullies that I got into a fight. It was a bitchy girl who blamed her homophobia on her religion. I don’t disrespect religion, I disrespect people who use it as an excuse to hurt other people for being who they are.

‘It was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve’ Oh HoW fUcKiNg ClEvEr SuSaN!!!

“Being gay is a mental illness and God will punish them when they burn in hell.” oH sO yOu WoRsHiP a GoD wHo BuRnS mEnTaLlY iLl PeOpLe?!

“Muslims are terrorists.” Um, if all muslims were terrorists we wouldn’t stand a fucking chance considering there are 1.8 billion of them in the world. The quran is against murder and harm to living beings, and my Muslim friend once said ‘The people who attack others are not Muslims. Because real Muslims listen to Allah and the Quran, which are against harm to others.’

“Go back to your own country” Well, most people were probably born in the country you’re telling them to leave. And sometimes, the country they’re from is at WAR and if they went back, there’s a chance they’d be killed.


“Boys can’t be nannies” That was never a rule. Boys can love and care for kids just as well, sometimes better, sometimes not as much as girls can. SEXISM ISN’T JUST TOWARDS GIRLS

Feminism isn’t about hating men and standing up for women, it’s about equal rights. Men can be feminists too, just because it sounds like ‘feminine’ doesn’t mean it’s for females only.

You know who I really don’t like?

Donald fucking Trump.

He’s racist, sexist and LGBT+phobic. I will never understand why he was voted to be our president. Did you know, the only people who work in the white house are white men? I can only assume that they’re also straight, because why not?

There was recently a teenage girl killed by an immigrant, and Trump sees this as an opportunity to try to make everyone think less of anyone who is not white. What did he do when over 200 children were killed in just one year by WHITE AMERICANS with guns? Nothing. There is no gun control but when ONE immigrant kills someone, justice is demanded. I’m not disagreeing that that man should be brought to justice, but what about those kids, Donald? It’s only gonna continue if you don’t get rid of your damn freedom of guns.

My rant is not over, I just think I’ve gone on for too long. Please, please feel free to add comments.

also, forgot to say RACISM ISNT JUST TO POC

There are way too many negative people talkin about how other people look. I don’t just mean fat shaming, I mean all types of shaming. Acne, fat, skinny, oily skin, dry skin, small lips, tall people, short people. It’s like we’re never good enough. If we have a flat stomach, we prolly gonna have an ‘unhealthy’ something else, right?

I saw this video of a girl who wrote the words ‘fat’ ‘pig’ and ‘ugly’ on her face with makeup, then crossed them out, blended it and wrote ‘I <3 me xoxo’ and from that, showed us a beautiful makeup routine. this was so inspiring to me, and I had a lot of respect for her

image image

I personally think she is beautiful. I looked at the comments and i saw so many shaming her for being overweight. Saying she’s disgusting and unhealthy and ‘deserves to have an eating disorder’ like what the actual fuck

Leave her the hell alone.

As for guys, it’s no different.
I have seen hate towards the british talk show host James Corden. I love James! He’s so funny and kind! People call him fat and unhealthy and shit. Leave him the hell alone.

Suicide is man’s biggest killer. Women are more likely to talk about their feelings and therefore seek help. Men, although some do talk, are less likely to talk. Therefore they resort to suicide as an answer.

Skinny people also get hate.

Let’s begin with Eugenia Cooney, the youtuber who people have accused of being anorexic.

Warning. this may upset some people


Now, she may be suffering from anorexia, because she is skinny, but being concerned for her is one thing and being mean is another. People are saying ‘she makes me feel sick’ ‘I can’t even look at her’ how disrespectful do y’all wanna be? if she is in fact struggling with an eating disorder, y’all ain’t helping by calling her names and shit.

Leave everyone alone. If you ain’t got nothing nice to say, don’t say it, as cliche as that may sound. Everyone is beautiful.

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This is why I love you. :sneezing_face: You are so right! You tell them, GIRL! Speak them facts and educate the people! :clap:t4::raised_hands:t4:


I wish I could say this shit to Trump. I love you chicaa




:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thank you, thank you


Big hugs. There are so many terrible people in the world. But then there are people like yourself, so I have hope. :slight_smile:
Like they say, we should never tolerate intolerance.


Thank you, honey


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I agree with everything you are saying.

I need to say something that has been under my skin…
My grandparents and my father are Christians and I mean so am I.
They do not support Lgbt and I’m honestly disgusting and disappointed by their hurtful comments about them.
I fully support them and I wish them best luck in life! They are humans too.

I think everyone I mean everyone should read this.

I completely agree with you and I hope hateful people learn something from it.



have y’all seen our president coloring the american flag??? He put a fucking blue stripe


thank you for the support sweetie. maybe you should talk to your grandparents. i know it’ll be difficult to get through to them


They are old fashion and they will not change their mind thats just how they are…
And sometimes when I hear people saying God will punish people for beeing lgbt I’m honestly disappointed in the humanity…
Everyone deserves love.

Love is love it comes in every shape and form.





Let’s spread LOVE not hate.


i wish i could stand in front of the world and tell them what i think