Racism in Stories!?!?!?!

So today I started reading a new story, but as I was reading I saw that the author was kind racial profiling a character. Her story had nothing to do with racism it was a ROMANCE STORY!!! But what made me really upset was the fact that she gave the black characters HUGE PINK LIPS!!! and kind made them look dusty, like they were dressed like they were homeless. And half of the white characters had AFRICAN AMERICAN HAIRSTYLES, which I totally hate (I like to think hair is hair, so you can do whatever you want to it, but at the same time ehhh). So My question today was, how do y’all feel about this and have you read a story like this before. (P.s I am not going to say her story, because she barley has reads and in her fan mail, a couple people have said something)


Agh! yeah I read a story where the character was dark, and had PASTEL lips! I didn’t finish it bc it wasn’t very interesting (2 LI), but yeah


Ew. Racism, sexism & homophobia in a story for me means I 100% stop reading. If it’s serious, obvious racism I will send in a ticket to episode asking them to review it. If it’s not so serious, I just report the story. This kind of stuff bugs me, the wrong lip colors, wrong hair styles, aren’t exactly racism, but still, they’re not accurate representations of different cultures & I guess could be classified as racism :woman_facepalming:t3: And the fact that we see poc being super poor or security guards is ridiculous & v annoying!! White ppl most often in stories being rich is also stupid, ugh.


Erm… I’m offended. I mean, as much as dark skinned women can rock light lip colours in some cases, Episode light lip colours just don’t work with the available dark skin. In short, don’t give us light lips if it looks wrong! It’s as simple as that.


And to me putting HUGE LIGHT PINK LIPS on a African American character is a big deal to me because, I know a lot of black people who have those features and when authors give those characters those features they kinda MOCK them.


disgusting why are we treated this way ):

i saw sum where it was talkm bout the black characters dad not coming back from the store and it wasnt even funny i was like :neutral_face:


That’s horrible :woman_facepalming:t5::angry:


I hate how people are bringing racism into their stories! People should be able to write without bringing that in! I hate this, stories should be fun and everyone should be treated equally!


Honestly I hate that, but it depends on whether the author did it knowingly or they simply didn’t inform themselves enough about the cultures, but either way racism is so wrong. There are some stories that have racism, but you can see that the author is trying to show that racism is wrong but then there are others who see it as a joke. I hope this doesn’t get worse through time


Imma be truthful, I don’t like people being racist. It doesn’t matter about the color of your skin. We are all human! Some people wouldn’t give different colored skins a chance, it’s not right. But seeing some stories have racism is there own. I wouldn’t read it!

And No! I haven’t read a story like that, or is showing they are racist!

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What’s the story?

Bump bc this is important <3


Some authors may do it on accident, when making extra characters and just rush and change some things. But I have seen where authors make it seem like black people just relied on everyone and that there life was super bad. So who knows, it needs to stop tho

Yah I don’t like these things and specially when some people keep judging girls by how they dress, they can’t wear shorts and revealing dresses and all these stuff not in the story but also in reality.