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Request Completed. Hope this is to your liking :partying_face:.


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So glad to hear that, have a good one!

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Hey, welcome to the community! Thanks for requesting. There are some things missing and incorrect from your form, could you please edit your post with the right information so that I’m able to complete your request. Thank you!

Hey again so just to clarify:
Style refers to the type of animation you are using whether it be Ink or Limelight. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by speedpaint as a speedpaint is usually thought of as a video that replays the artistic process that an artist did.
For your characters you can just type their details into post directly (list their hair, eyes, skin tone etc.) as I will most likely be remaking them on my end in order to get the correct poses or whatever else I need.
The password I am looking for is located within the rules section of the original post so that I know that you have read them and will adhere to them (I’m not sure if that’s your password to something but you may want to edit your posts and remove that so your information stays private).
I know that you are new to the forums and requesting so I hope that this clears up some confusion and such especially if you wish to make requests in the future from others. I’m including this link that may be helpful to you as well ( it’s the unofficial new user guide that can help you navigate the forums!)


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  1. Cover

  2. Large

  3. Limelight

  4. No

  5. Sacrificing For You

  6. Big bold red letters with a blood style

  7. If for the text I have it above

  8. 2 Male and female, can the male have black medium hair, with green emerald eyes
    Can the female have long light brown hair with dark brown eyes, and can you put the female in a black dress with blood all over it, and the male in a black jacket with black pants and black shoes for the both of them the males skin color is light/tan and the females skin color is tan and can you please make the male holding the female in his arms while hes crying with tears on his face? And maybe with blood on his hands as well as hes holding her but this is not something thats mandatory (the blood on his hand) but make sure blood is all over the female please! If you could can you make her look bruised this is also not mandatory if you feel like you can not do it. Can the male also have a sleeve tattoo and that is it! Thank you so much

  9. I would like the background to be the male and the female sitting in the middle of the road with street lights and with their poses

  10. Birthday Cake

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Okay I’ll see what I can do. Just so you know I’ll be dialing back the blood probably more than you intended it to look just so that it adheres to the episode guidelines and such!

Alright, thank you so much.

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Here you are, hope this is to your liking :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Omg! I love it so much thank you thank you thank you!!! I really appreciate it

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Glad to hear that :blush::purple_heart:


Hello PurpleRadiance! Can I request a cover, please?

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Ofc just fill out the form :blob_hearts:

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Large,Small or N/A: small
Style: LL
Would you like for your characters to be glam styled?: You decide! (I’m 50/50)
Text: The Truth…
Colors: Mostly dark colors (I don’t really know what the colors is referring to)
Special Details?:
Amaury is looking down on Nova holding her face (on the side we can’t see) flirty/serious face and Nova has her palm on Amaury’s chest and is looking up at him with a smirk
Characters? (limit of four):


Male Athletic Body- Gold 05
Straight Medium-Eyebrows
Short Curly Fade-Hair
Delicate Almond
Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved -Head shape
Straight Pointed- Nose
Medium Heart -lips


Female Athletic Body-Gold 02
Arched Natural Scar-eyebrow
Wavy Side Curls- hair
Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye- Eyes- Brown pale
Diamond- Head shape
Pointed downturned- nose
Full heart pouty- Lip shapes-Pink Peach Medium Gloss

Outfits?: Nova is wearing a long black dress with one long sleeve and red accessories and Nova has freckles heavy (00-03) and Amaury is wearing a black suit with some form of red and has a scar on his left eye (04-07) and a silver chain
Background?: Doesn’t really matter as long as the background is pretty dark with maybe a dim spotlight behind them
Password: Birthday cake
I completely understand if you’re too busy to do so, thanks for your time/in advanced :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not too busy :relieved:. Glam styled refers to extra shading or detailing (example below) Also you forgot the details of your characters.

(This my large cover in ink for one of my stories but it still applies to LL [ first example I found]).

Just ignore and flag the troll.

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Ohhh thank you I forgot, I’ll do that now!


Hello again! Purple Radiance :pleading_face:
I updated My splash/cover form request, thank you! :purple_heart:

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