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No I haven’t I don’t usually start requests till the weekend (because of school)- I was planning to start in about an hour or so since that’s when I have some free time. Is everything okay?

bump :yawning_face::purple_heart:

Cover or Splash?: Cover I Limelight
Text: Chasing Away The Chaser
Colors For text: Red and White
Special Details?: Can she be running from him in the scene
Characters? (limit of four): 2, a female and male
Outfits?: The guy is a football player so a football outfit. And for the girl, as long is she is wearing something comfy it’s good
Background?: Football stadium if possible, if not then outside a mansion
Password: [spoiler]Cake Batter/spoiler]

The characters can look like how you want them to be!
Also I will be making this story in about 1 or 2 months, so don’t sweat it love

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Hey what kind of cover would you like? (Also the password is incorrect by the way :sweat_smile:)

Oops! :joy: :joy: :joy:
The cover I would like is a small cover

password???:Birthday Cake

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Yep, you’re all set! I’ll see what I can do!

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So sorry, I forgot to say that I want his jersey to be red!!!
If you can’t change it, it’s fine
I’ll roll with it

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No that’s fine, I haven’t begun yet. I just found something I have to read for class :sweat_smile:.

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@Jaslene_Rivera . Request Completed :partying_face::partying_face:. I hope this is to your liking, let me know if there are any small changes you would like or anything. ( I tried my best to go off of what you asked for).


Omg!!! I love it! :sparkling_heart:
Thank you so much :blush:

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No probs. Glad you like it. :blush::purple_heart:

Oh um if I am not a bother, can you tell me the males character details

Male Athletic Body, Gold 04
Straight Med Scar, BlackJet
Dreads Loose Top Short, Black Dark
Sloping Heavy Lid, Brown Pale
Triangle Defined Chin
Straight Pointed
Medium Heart, Beige Deep Neutral

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Bump :purple_heart:

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Hey could I please request some outfits?

Style - Formal, it’s for a prom scene at the end of my story
Number of outfits - 4
Gender - Female
Colours - Could 2 have a darker colour palette (purple, black blue etc) and then could 2 have a lighter colour palette ( pastels etc)

Password Birthday Cake

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You didn’t tell me what style you’d like the outfits to be in. :purple_heart:

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Formal please


No I mean do you want it to be in Ink or LL? :sweat_smile:

Ohhh sorry
LL :heart:

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Request Completed :partying_face:. I hope these are too your liking!