#raging at coding rn (pls help)

So in my first scene, I’m using overlays for a few things and FOR SOME REASON the one I’m trying to do isn’t working! I uploaded the overlay yesterday I think, and whenever I try to add it in, it just says it’s not a valid command like I’M SORRY?

I’ve written this out about 10 times and I’ve re uploaded the overlay I was using!

Is there a limit to how many overlays can be used in one scene? Does episode just feel like stifling my creativity?

Also to my dearest Sydney, I sincerely apologise if this is in the wrong place, please don’t scare me <3

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I’m not positive of the problem, but when I place overlays, I always add everything on separate lines of code, in this order:

@overlay CAT create
@overlay CAT opacity # in #
@overlay CAT scales to # # in zone #
@overlay CAT shifts to # #

Let’s troubleshoot. Are you spelling everything correctly? Exactly how many overlays are in the scene that you’d think there would be a limit? Is the error possibly on another line? (Sometimes in my writer’s portal, the red “X” indicating the error message is on a line or two above/below the actual line of code with the error.) Is the portal taking the word “AND” in your overlay as an error because “AND” is a command? (Ex: @CHARACTER spot # # in zone # AND CHARACTER is animation)

Apologies if this isn’t helpful, you’re free to ignore. :slight_smile:

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Your overlay name is the problem. Overlay names cannot contain the word “and” because the script thinks you’re trying to use the AND command. You’ll have to reupload the overlay with a different name, get rid of the “and” or use underscores instead of spaces.


Thank you both so much, you’ve stopped me from going insane :sob: :blob_hearts:


Literally the same thing happened to me a while ago and I was going insane!! until I figured it out :sob: :sob: :sweat_smile:

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