Rain Issues : HELP ME

Hi guys!

I had some questions about weather effects,

How is it possible to make it rain out a window?

would you have to use an overlay?

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Yea, you’d have to add weather effect and the character behind a window

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The only way this can be achieved is if you have the “camera” outside of the house focusing on the window from the outside while it rains. If you want the “camera” to be inside the house focusing on the rain that is outside (like the point of view from a person looking out the window), then this is not possible since you cannot layer weather effects.

i meant like a normal background thats inside and having rain outside the windows.

You won’t be able to do that.

oh, i’ve seen it in reputation? im super confused

the story reputation in user stories i’ve seen rain outside of a window so im like what lol

Reputation by Mira Mira?

lemme charge my phone to 3 and get back to you lol

yup by mira mira

I just played through her episodes and she’s just using a rain effect (not outside of/behind a window), just a simple rain effect added to the background.

oh understood thank you

Happy to see this was figured out. Thanks and closing topic :peace_symbol:

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